Phillip Garrett 1670

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Date: 12 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #070 Ballaugh, of Phillip Garrett, died 16 March 1669/70: 
Summary: wife Elizabeth Cowley, son John Garrett, daus Margaret (underage, of age by 1678), Joney, Ellin & Catharine (underage), 
sister in law Margaret Cowley, also:Thomas Cowley, Thomas Mylevorrey, Phinlo Cowley, William Garrett
will of wife:  ArW 1677A #072 Ballaugh will of Elizabeth/Bessy Garrett alias Cowley, died 15 February 1677/8: 
husband [Philip Garrett] is not mentioned, daughter Margaret Garrett, grandson Philip xxxx, brother Phinlo Cowley, grandson 
William Garrett, dau Joney Garrett, dau Catharine Garrett, also: Catharine Quayle, Ann Kelly; brother? Thomas Cowle

Ballaugh The last will and testament of Phillip Carrett who commit departed this life the 16th of March 1669 ffirst, He committed his Soule to God and his body to Chr =istian buriall Item He bequeathed to his daughter Margt: 2 sheepe Item To his wife Elizabeth Cowley and his sonn Jo: Carett his part of the rideing horse To his son John all his Right to his houses, & lands, as well Intake as quarter Land, with his part of the crop of corne, and all his part of husbandry geares It: His son John to give each of his sisters viz Margt: Jony, Ellin & Katherine Carrett a ferlett of barley It: 3 pounds of debt due from the decedent to his sister in law Magt: Cowley, wherof there is 20s in morgage of a croft, and whosoe ever of his children would pay ye said 20s to have the said Croft It: Debts due from the decedent to Tho: Cowley 00 - 5s - 0 It: debts due to the decedent ffrom Thomas McYl =avory ..... 00£ - 6s - 00d It: he constituted and ordained his children viz Jo:, Jony, Ellin, Katherine & Margt: sole executrs of all the Rest off his goods movabl and unmovable 3 of ye execr at age sworn in Court & Supvisors of the children under yeeres Testes Tho: Crinilt his mrk X pbatum et solvit xijd Adam Caine his mrk X jurati [next page] The Inventory of Phill Carrett taken and sworne by 4 sworne by viz Adam Caine, Tho: Crinel Jo: Moore, Phi: Cowley, and Pat Kewish as ffolloweth The whole inventory amounts to 1£ - 0s - 00d debtlesse goods The custody of the goods belongeing to ye 2 children under yeeres are in the hands of the mother & ye brother Jo: Carrett mother hath given in pledge for her pt Willm: Carret & & Ffinlo Cowley; & ye brother have allso given pledges boath secunda forman legis the said Willm Carrett & Ffinlo Cowley March ye 25th 78: this day Margt Carrett being at lawfull years came to ye Records and acknowledged her self satisfyed in her part of goods due to her by the death of her fathr & desired yt the pledges might be released for ye same Ita testor Johanne Christian Regster June 29, 1670 Tho: McYlvorey enters against ye execr for 6s due debt etc.

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