Christian Garrett 1670

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Date: 14 November 2017
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Archdeacon Wil 1670A #075 Ballaugh, of Christian Garrett, died 15 March 1667/8: 
Summary:  Thomas Cowley, William Garrett, siblings Philip & Bahie Garrett (Bahie is dead, 
her husband forsook her, she has children who are made executors in her stead)

Ballaugh The last will and testement off Christian Carrett who departed this liffe the 15th off March 1667 First She bequeathed to Tho: Cowley ... 12d It: To Wm: Carrett ..... 6d It: She constituted and apointed Phillip Carrett and Bahey Carrett executors off all te rest off her goods movable & unmovable Phillip Carrett & Bahey Carret one of ye execur: beinge dead before she was sworne yet in regard yt her husband forsooke her & all her relacons, except her brother & sister children ergo wee order the testatrix goods to ym to ye brother & sister children as bequeathed Testes Pat Kewish his mark X Ffinlo Cowley his mark X jurati pbatum et solvit 6d The whole Inventory amounts to 3s The goods being in ye custody of ye brother & sisters children have given pledges secunda forman legis Ffinlow Cowley & Henry Woods

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