Thomas Corlett 1670

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Date: 13 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #76 Ballaugh, of Thomas Corlett, died 21 December 1670:
Summary:  dau Isabel, sons John & William, dau Mally

Sy s Vouty in Jurby 
Mar ye 6th 70/		Ballaugh

The last will and testament of Tho: Corlet 
who departed this life ye xxjth off 10ber 1670
ffirst He commited his soule to God & his body to 
     Christian burial
Itt: He left to ye poor .....00£ - 3s - 00 
Itt: He bequeathed to his daughter Isable his 
     part of a cow wch was betwixt them
Itt: Itt: he left to his son Jo:  6d legasie
It: To Will his son Will Corlett a Cooft thatt lyes by 
     ye Curraugh detch off ye annuell rent of 
Itt: he constituted nomenated and apointed his 
     children viz: Will, Isable & Mally Corlett his 
     lawfull executors off all ye rest of his 
     goods movable & unmovable
Itt: Debts due ffrom ye decedent to Phill Corlett 
     .....00£ - 4s - 00 
Itt: Due to ye decedent from Phinlo Lace 
     .... 00£ - 3s - 00d 
			The execr sworne in forme of law
				pbatum et solvit 8d
Testes	Tho: Teare his mk
	Tho Kinred his mark   jurati

The Inventory off ye said Tho: Corlett  taken 
& praised by 4 sworne men vix  Tho: Kinred  Jo: 
Corlett  &  Phi: Corlett  ut sequitur
ffirst The courne praised to ..................	00 - 4s - 00 
     The housold stuff praised to .............	00 - 3 - 00

The goods in ye executors owne Custody & hath given 
pledges secunda forman legis  Tho: Kinred & Tho: Teere

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