Donold Comish 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #77 Ballaugh, of Daniel / Donold Comish, died 14 February 1670/1: 
Summary:   son John Comish, wife Ann Garrett (see ArW 1670A #78), children: Thomas, 
Cooney (of age by July 1684), Margaret, brother John Comish, sister in law Margaret Garrett
Ballaugh parish register:  Donold Comish    buried    14 February 1670/1

Ballaugh The last will and testemt: off Donold Comish who departed this liffe ye 14th off Ffebruary ffirst He commited his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall Itt: He lefft for his ffuneral ..... 00 £ - 1s - 6d Itt: He left his son Joh: Comish .... 5 - 0 Itt: He lefft his wiffe Ann Comish alias Carrett Comish alias his partt off 4 yeards off linnen cloath Itt: Debts due ffrom ye decedent to to Wm Mcyllrea ..... 00 - 17s - 6d as he best remembred Itt: He constituted nominated and apointed his 3 children vizt: Tho, Cooney & Margrett Comish his awfull executor off all ye rest of his goods movable & unmovable pbatum et solvit 6d John Comish sworne supvisor & ye other being one ye south side ---- Tho: Parr is to swere him --- Margt: Carrett allso sworne supvisor upon ye mother side Testes Ffinlo Quaile his mark X Thom: Corlett his mk X jurati July ye 14th 1684 Kooney Comish came this day and acknowledged that she was fully satisfied & paid ye summe of 16s 10d in full of her part of goods due to her by ye death of her father & mother and hath thereupon released & exonerated ye bondsmen & supervisor &c aforesd from all claimes & demands touching this concerne As witnesse her signe manuall the day & year above written Kooney Comish X her mrk [next page] Ballaugh The Inventory off Donold Comish --- and his wife Ann Comish alias Carrett taken and praised by 4 sworne men viz: Ffinlo Quaile, Tho: Cowley, Michaell Mcyller---[crumbled edge] & Robt: Clarke as ffolloweth £ s d Itt: a yong cow praised praized to ...................... 07 - 00 - 00 Itt: an old cow praized to .............................. 00 - 10 - 0---[crumbled edge] Itt: a maire and a could praized to ..................... 00 - 19 - 0---[crumbled edge] Itt: the housshould stuff } praized to ................ 01 - 8 - 0---[crumbled edge] and the corne ........} Two part of ye Invent in the custodye of Jo: Comish & Willm Comish, & hath given pledgs in form of Law till ye next Court: Capt McYrea & Ffinlo Quaile The third pt in the custody of Margt, as they the Supvisor one both sids have agreed: & shee hath given pledges in form of law Ffinlo Carrett & Tho: Curlett Capt McYlrea & Ffinlo Quaile are released & Willm Kermod & Jo: Corrin of KK Arbory are become counter bond secunda forman legis Debts to be deducted as appeares by the husband will & other dept bap-----eats besids funerall charges ...... 25s - 0d - 0 Willm: Comish hath given countrebond Joh: Corrin in form of Law & Capt Mcylreah is released

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