William Crebbin 1670

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Date: 16 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #044 Rushen, of William Crebbin, of Rowany, died 3 June 1670: 
Summary:  wife is alive, brother Henry, brother John Crebbin, nephew William Crebbin (has a daughter), brother's son in the Gill, 
also: Isabel Crebbin, John Taylor's wife, William Watterson, William Cottier, witnesses: Henry Taylor & John Sherlock

Trinity Rushen June the 5th 1670 The last will & testamt: of Wm Crobin who beinge in perfect memory comitted his soule to Gd: & his body to Xtian buriall; Itt: to the poore 2 muttons to be divided on All= =hallowtide; Itt: to the minister his choice mutton; Itt: to his wife 1 cowe & halfe of the crope of corne in the Rawney, Itt: to Hen: Crobin 1 boule of oates & 2 kitchen of pease for helpinge his wife in harvest; Itt: to Issable Crobin a couple of sheepe, and a kitchen of wheate; Itt: to John Taylors wife 1 sheepe; Itt: to Wm Watterson 1 colt, Itt: to Wm Crobin his nephew & his daughter 2 sheepe, also to Wm Crobin a coulter & sacke wth all other instrumts: for workeinge of lands, & the sd Wm is to plow the Croft for his wife as longe as she shall stay in it; Itt: to Wm Cotter a couple of sheepe for the rent of the Croft, Itt: to my wife 1 blankett; Itt: he nominated his brethren Jo: & Hen: Crobin with his wife & nephew Wm Crobin sole executors of all his goods moveable & unmoveable; Itt: to Hen: Lowcay 1 sheepe It: if that God should send encrease of the bees, he left a heive to his brothers son in the Gill; Itt: to Hen: Taylor & John Shurlogue 1 old maire & 1 colt Test: pbatum et solvit xijd Hen: Taylor Jo: Shurlogue The Inv: within 14 dayes sub pena xs[10s] pledges Jo: Taylor and Tho: Taylor

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