Joney Caine 1670

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Date: 23 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #92 Andreas, of Joney Caine, dated 4 January 1669/70: 
Summary: Patrick Cottier, Margaret Cottier, John & William Cottier, friend John Cottier, Mally Gawne, John Gawne, 
John & Daniel Lace, Joney Lace (has a daughter), goddaughter Joney Lace, Isabel Kelly, Alice Radcliffe witness

Jan 4: 1669 This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Jony Caine who first commited her Soule to God & hir body to Christian buryall; It: She left to Pat: Cotter a sheepe & a little chist in ye chamber; It: to Mally Gowne my white coate, a weskcoate, bodys, a carchiffe & a little chist at her beds head; Itm: to Margt Cotter a gray ewe; It: to Jo: & Willm Cotter a white ew; It: to Jo: Lace & Donll: 3 yards of cloath; It: to Joh Gowne a yard & a half of cloath; It: to Issable Kelly a russett coate & a bla----[torn] It: to Jony Lace her plettinge coate, a carchiffe, & to her daughter a pottle of linceede; It: to her goddaugh: Jony Lace a yard of cloath It: shee constituted & ordained her friend John Cotter her true & lawfull execr: of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmove----[torn] wtsoever. It: to Alice Ratcliffe 6d The execr sworne in form of law testes John Huddlestone Ales Ratcliffe jurati pbatum et solvit 6d 14 days to give in an Invent or in fine xs[10s] my fee port The Invent of the said testatrix taken & prizd by Joh: Gow----[torn] Donll Lace & Henry Inch as followeth all debts deducted amounts to the sume of .................................................... 0£ - 3s - 0d The goods in ye execr: owne custody & have given pledges secuda forman legis Henry Inch

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