William Christian 1670

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Archdeacon Will 1670A #093 Andreas, of William Christian, died about 8 March 1669/70: 
Summary: sister Mally, brother John, brother (in law) William Radcliffe (dead), son (John, may be dead), Thomas Cowle (Thomas married Alice Radcliffe who was 
the daughter of the deceased William Radcliffe who was the brother in law of William Christian the testator; also: Daniel Kinvig, John Christian & his wife (dead) 
will of wife: ArW 1653A #54 Andreas of Isabel Christian alias Teare dated 17 June 1653: father in law Michael Christian, husband William Christian, 
brother in law John Christian, brother William Teare, sister in law Joney Key, eldest son John Christian (of age), youngest son William Christian, 
brother Michael Teare, also: William Teare
will of brother in law: ArW 1668A #85 Andreas, of William Radcliffe, dated 2 February 1668/69:  wife xxxx Christian is alive, son James Radcliffe (underage), 
friend Sir John Huddlestone, daughter Alice Radcliffe executrix (she has a contract bargain), father in law Michael Christian dead, 
kinsman William Radcliffe & John Radcliffe & John Christian of Ramsey are supervisors, brother in law William Christian
see also: ArWills 1669 Andreas, Court Proceedings regarding a Contract Bargain between Michael Christian and his eldest son William Christian: Michael Christian is 
father to William Christian (his eldest son), William married Isabel Teare and they had 2 sons (one [William, ArW 1668A #84] died, one [John] was in Ireland and not 
heard from), William's mother [the wife of Michael Christian] bought lands from William Sayle
will of son: ArW 1668A #84 Andreas, of William Christian junior, died about 12 February 1668/9: aunt Mally Christian whose husband is John Radcliffe, only brother 
John Christian in Ireland
will of sister: EpW 1690 Andreas, of Mally Radcliffe als Christian: Andreas June 29th 1690: Son James Rattliff, daughter Alice executrix,
Witnesses: Charles Sayle, John XXXXX. Pledges John Crebbin, John Christian. Transcribed by Carol Gosselin, October 2004 LDS film 0091646

This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Willm: Christian who depted ys life about ye 8th of March 1669, beinge in good & pfect me= morie, commited his first his soule to God, & his body to Christian buryall It: I leave towards my funerall 4s I have in the house It: I leave to my sister Mally 300 of herrings, & a little metcorne I gave her in harvest; It: I leave to Sr: Joh: Huddlestone 1s-6d; It: I leave to Donll: Kinvig my cloathes; It: I leave yt Tho: Cowle shall have my house & lands 4s cheaper than any other, if they stay in; It: I leave ym also ye benifit of my lands this prsent yeere; It: I constitut & ordaine my brother Joh: & my sister Mallye Christian joynt executors of all the rest of my goods wtsoever moveable & unmoveable Debts due to me from Donll: Kinvig 4s, from Jo: Xtine fether[?] begg & his wi-----[torn] execur: 2 curraggs of stokes; It: from my brother Willm Ratcliffe execr 4s 6d, & also for corn 7s 0d and as for my sonne I know not whether hee be liveing or dead: he he be liveinge I leave him -----[torn] vjd legasie Note: Sr: Jo: Huddleston (to all the will except ye lands and -----[torn] vjd Legacie to the sone) hath taken his oath, and t-----[torn] wittnesse Don: Kinry to all ye will, and ye other witnesse is to be sworn testes Jo: Cotter............} Jo: Huddlestone } jurati Donll Kinry .......} the wittnesses all sworne probatum et solvit xijd 14 days given to bring in ye Invent July 7th 1670: Michell Kneele enters against ye execr for 2s-6d due debt etc: This Invent given in by Mally Christian one of ye executors as followeth: being at yeeres: land morgaged ...... 0 - 6s - 0 It: one fir: of oats ................................ 0 - 1 - 0 The said Mally hath given pledg in forme of law Joh: Ratcliffe July ye 4th 1670: Tho: Cowle for himselfe & his wife Alice Ratcliffe enters against ye said execrs: for 40s due debt as will mak to appear & craveth tryall [on a slip of paper:] John Kneen and John Blackburn sworn and examined depose= eth and saith, that being at a certain time in Ramsey after the Death of Wm Garrets mother More: That this will is to stand, because it was the mothers intentions as h----al witnesse have testify'd that she woud not leave her daughter Isabel any considerable legacy because of her unkindness to her

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