Alice Kneale alias Teare 1670

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Date: 26 November 2017
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111 Archdeacon Will 1670A #095 Andreas, of Alice Kneale alias Teare: 
Summary: sister Joney Teare, brother Gilbert Teare, children Joney (married to John Cormode by Oct 1713) & Gilbert Kneale; husband John Kneale is alive 
(remarried to Margaret, John was dead by October 1713), son of husband & new wife Margaret: Daniel/Donold Kneale, mother in law is alive; also: Joney Lace
?Andreas bur reg:  Gilbt: son of John Kneal       buried 22 Dec 1675
?Andreas bur reg:  Joney Cormoad als Kneal      buried   30 Mar 1730
will of husband John's 2nd wife: ArW 1718A #26, Andreas, of Margaret Kneale als Cormoad als Gawn, d.18 Dec 1718: son John Cormode, 
dau Marriad Quay als Cormode in Patrick (married John Quay), stepdau Joney Cormode alias Kneale, son Daniel/Donold Kneale

This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Alice Teere alis Kneele: first shee commited her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall; It: she bequeathed to her sister Jony 6d & to Gilbt: her brother 6d: It: she left to her mother in law her right in a yonge heffer, It: shee left to her husband dj filly; It: she left to Jony Lace a carchiff, & a coate if they please to give it her; It: shee constituted & ordained her two children Jony & Gilbt: Kneele sole execr: of all ye right of her goods wtsoever except what was in her brothers Gilbt hand she left to himselfe; It: shee left the tuition of her children & goods to her husband & if ye children dye under yeeres, yt then theire goods was to fall due to her said husband The husband sworne in form of Law Gilbt Teere ye brother is to be sworn Supvisor Testes Joh: Gowne Joh: Kneele jurati The Invent of the said testatrix priced by Jo: Gowne, Willm: Kneele, Tho: X?tin & Henry Inch & sworne amounted in all ...........34s - 06 corne 1 boule & halfe a fir: of oats In barly used in ye hous before praisment ...... 4 pottls barly pledges Willm: Kneele Joh: Gowne [see ArW 1670A #101 Bride, of William Howlayne/Howland, died about January 1669/70:] Janry: ye 26th 1670 Willm: Howland enters against ye execr of his father Willm Howland for 20s due debt & craveth tryall Octr: 20, 1713 Recd: then from Donold Kneal ye full summ of twenty two shillings in full satisfaction of all claims & demands, or any Debts or goods due to us from John Kneal & Alice Teare his former wife either by death, Gift or Contract: of all which ---e do acquit the sd Donold as execr to his father and Margt: the present widow; their execrs & assigns for ever ----- say ---- by us John Cormode X ---resem----- Jony Cormod alis ------ Huddleston Kneal ------ Cowle This agrees with ye Original ----- a testor: Car: Watleworth Regrmis: Archdn:

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