Isabel Quirk alias Quark 1670

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Date: 27 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #098 Andreas, of Isabel Quirk alias Quark, died 24 December 1670: 
Summary:  husband dead, dau Alice, son William, son John Quirk, 
will of husband: ArW 1661A #089 Andreas, of John Quirk, died 7 February 1662/3, wife Isabel Quark: wife Isabel Quirk als Quark exec; 
son William Quirk & his wife Katharine Key & her child; son James Quirk, son John Quirk, son Philip, 3 daughters Ann & Nelly & Alice
Andreas parish register: Isabel Quark     buried   20 Dec 1670

1670 Andreas Decembr: ye 24th This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Issable Quark alis Quirk, she first (beinge in pfect memorie) commited her soule to God, & her body to Christian buryall; It: She left to the poore at ye discretion of the execr: It: She left to her daughter Alice all her cloathes linnen & woollen; It: She left to her son a blankett It: She said yt there was due to her sonn Willm: for his part fathers paid 3 halfe fir: of barly & 3 halfe fir: of oats; It: She constituted & ordaned her sonn Joh: Quirk executor of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable, hee dischargeinge all debts; It: ye said demanded to her mother leave her her cloaths linnen & woollen, & she would forgoe the fir: of barly then bequeathed wch the mother did, but said nothing of the firlet barly The execr sworn in forme of law Testes: Willm: Christian probatum et solvit 6d Joh: Ratcliff jurati The Invent: included in the will: if any be left when the debts are discharged: it is to be Invent'd sup paena xs[10s] pledges secunda forman legis Joh: Ratclife Willm: Xstian beg

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