James Inch 1670

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Date: 27 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #099 Andreas, of James Inch, died July 1670:
Summary: wife Ann Thomason, son Henry Inch, son Daniel, son Richard
Andreas parish register:   James Inch     buried 12 Jul 1670 
will of wife: ArW 1677A #112 Andreas will of Ann Thomason, died 10 Nov 1676:  sons Daniel (unmarried) & Richard (an idiot) & Henry (married)
wife: Andreas parish register:  Ann Thomason    buried 11 November 1676
son: Andreas parish register: John Inch Son of James Inch    buried   31 OCT 1662
will of son: ArW 1696A #36, Andreas, of Henry Inch, died 9 Oct 1697: wife Catharine Corlett, son Henry, 
brother Daniel Inch, brother Richard Inch,  also: James Brew, Mally Casement als Thomason
will of son: ArW 1724A #159, Andreas, of Daniel Inch, died 23 Dec 1724: wife Alice [Sayle], gson William Lace 
(who later went to Ireland), dau Ann, other grandchildren, wife, also: witnesses Ewan Sayle & John Corlett
son: Andreas parish register: Daniel Inch, smallpox,  buried 24 Dec 1724
gdau: Andreas parish register: Lettis Inch  Dau of Henry Inch    buried   12 MAY 1674
gson: Andreas parish register:  John Inch son of Henry Inch     buried    23 Sep 1675
gson: Andreas parish register: James the Son of Henry Inch  buried    02 OCT 1677

This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of James Inch who (being in pfect memorie) commited his soule to God, & his body to Christian buryall; It: hee left to his sonn Henry Inch 6d Legat; It: to his sonn Donll: 6d Legat; To his sonn Ricd: 6d Legat; It: he constituted & ordained his wife Ann Thomasson execur of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable; It: he said yt there was due to him from ye smith wife .... 2s - 0d It: he left those debts to be paid by his executor: to Michell Kelly 4d, to Tho: Calum 2s-5d, to Willm: Killipe 4s, to John Lace 5s & said yt the other shilling was paid him of his reest for ye yeere to come; It: due to Parson Harrison 2s - 6d pbatum et solvit 6d Testes: Jo: Ratcliffe Joh: Huddlestone juratus Henry Inch is sworne in form of law in the behalfe his mother who is at ye prsent sicke Mar 7th 1670/ The goods in her custodye & hath given pledges Jo: Kneele junr & Jo: Castmint The Invent amounts to ........ 6s - 8d

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