Donald Christian (junior) 1670

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Date: 27 November 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #105 Bride, of Daniel/Donold Christian, Dated 1670/1
Heir of Ballakey and died after his father (will of father Daniel Christian on record 28 December 1670, ArW 1670A #103): 
Summary:  brother John Christian; father died & will on record 28 December 1670

Bride 1670: In nomine Dei amen, I Donald Xtin sicke in body but whole in mynd & pfect memory praised bee God for the same doe make my last will & testamt: as followes &c: Inprmis I committe my soule to God & my body to Xtian buriall; It: my will is that my brother John Xtin should have foure sheepe and two yearlings, wth halfe the crop of corne, halfe the plowe of oxen and halfe all the geares belonging to husbandry, all things as my father hath left to myselfe in his fathers will, as appeares upon recorde, Decembr 28th, & they say further that hee sd that was every peny worth he had in ye world Dollin Carrett } pbatum est et solvit xijd Tho: Xtin } testes, jurati Invent is included in the will This will is pved cum consensum particu: Mar ye 14th 70 Tho: Cowl enter against ye execr of Donll Xstin for 2s due debt [Found amongst the ArWills 1671 Andreas Parish:] Octobr ye --- 1670 David Christian of Ramsey enters against ye execr of Doll: Christin for 20s due debt Novembr 1st 1670: Gilbt Lace enters against ye execr of Donll Xstian for 20s due

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