Donald Sayle 1670

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Date: 1 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #106 Bride, of Daniel / Donold Sayle, dated 1670/1: 
Summary:  brother John Sayle, David Sayle; also: Patrick Cormode & wife, Ellin Cowle, John Lace of Ballamoddan, 
Daniel Christian & his mother, Thomas Christian, witnesses: John Christian & Daniel Goldsmith
will of ?father: ArW 1657A #34 Bride, of Henry Sayle, died before 23 May 1657: son Daniel/Donold, 
son David (younger son), dau in law Catharine Quane, wife is alive

NOTE: The Old Typed Index lists his surname as 'Caile', but it is clearly 'Saile', and is repeated in the body of the will as Saile.

Bride 1670 In nomine Dei amen, I Donald Saile sicke in body but whole in mynde and pfect memory praised be Gd, make my last will and testament as followeth, Inprmis: I comitte my soule to God and my body to Xtian buryall, It: Leave for legasy to John Xtin and Donald Gouldsmyth 4d apeece; It: I leave what clothes I now have in Ballamore to my brother John Saile with Clylsxxx xxxd cxxxxx with iijs in mony and a Chiest of myne wch he hath in his keepinge; It: due to mee from Pat: Cormode vjs - xd[10s] from his wiffe xiiijd; It: due to mee from Ellin Cowle xiiijs It: due to mee from John Lace Ballamoddan viijs; It: due to mee from Donald Xtin & his mother iijs; It: I constitute and ordayne David Saile my true & lawfull Execr: of all the rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable & to see mee honestly buryed; It: more I leave to my sd execr: iij yards of cloth in Thomas Xtin hands with a paire of shoes in Ballakey worth a shillinge Testes John Christin The execr sworn in -----[torn] Donald Gouldsmythe pbatum et solv-----[torn] jurati Invent ut sequit: The Invent included in ------- -----[torn]

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