John Joughin 1670

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Date: 2 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #109 Bride, of John Joughin, died before 7 March 1670/1: 
Summary: sister Catharine Cowle alias Joughin & her son William Cowle, also: John Joughin (witness), Edward Christian (witness), 
Thomas Christian, Nicholas Moore (pledge), William Cowle of Cranstle, Robert Moore, William Kaighin of the Lough, William Joughin, 
John Crebbin, Parson John Harrison, Christopher Corkill (pledge)

Bride 70 In nomine Dei amen, I John Joughin sicke in ----------[torn] mynde make my last will in forme followinge -----[torn] I committe my soule to God & my body to Xtian bury-----[torn] leave to John Joughin & Edward Xtin xijd betwixt them sistr Katherin Joughin 22s-6d which is in Thomas Xtin -----[torn] ---yth It: more to her 13s-2d from Nicholas Moore; It: I le-----[torn] sistr Katherin abovsd and to her son Wm: 42s wch lyeth up-----[torn] --- lane, which hee had from Wm Cowle Cranstle; It: to Kath: and W-----[torn] Cowle ---- her son 4s-xvjd that was in Robt: Moores hand; It: the p-----[torn] above named is also to have 3s from Wm: Kaighin of the lough -----[torn] left to Wm Joughin 1s which he oweth him, xijs to Jo: Crebbin It: -----[torn] constitntued his sister Katherin execr of all the rest of his goods & -----[torn] see his will pformed pbatum est et solvit testes John Joughin jurati Edward Xtin The exec sworne in forme of law The Invent included within ----- ------ ----- his apparrell Note that Parson Harrisson hath deposed in Cort that there is due to him from ye Executrix of John Joughin the sume of 15s for y-----[torn] of a Tyth wch hee had in his wages of this yeare, but dyed after -----[torn] service, and also due to him 12d buriell, and 12d for writeing th-----[torn] all 17s wch is ordered to bee paid within 14 dayes sub pena-----[torn] March 7th - 70 Parson John Harrison claymeth of the execrs: of John Joughin -----[torn] iust sume of 20s-3d, dimi: fir: barley tacke, for a pa---- ----- of -----[torn] 3s in lent mony & a groate, and for seavrall things that was -----[torn] chardged and are not to bee found & craveth pcesse ag-----[torn] [next page] The Invent: of Joh: Joughin given in by ye execur being nothing worth except 4s in Lands, & xs yt was in the hands of Joh: Cotter went to discharge funerall charges: & 2s more from Robt: Moore The goods in the custody of the exer who have given pledges secunda forman legis Nicho: Moore & Xstopr Corkill; It: I le-----[torn]

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