David Quayle 1670

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Date: 3 December 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1670A #112 Lezayre, of David Quayle, has sheep at Knockfroy and Snaefell:
Summary:  elder son & heir William, children John & Margaret & Catharine; wife alive; brothers Philip & William Quayle

[dark & crumbled]----- of 14 ------- ------ ----- last will and testament of David Quaile wth go------[torn] & perfect memorie: first he committed his soule ------[torn] and his bodye to Christian buriall; ---qeuathed unto his elder son William all his part ------[torn] right of the corne, and lickwise his part and right ------[torn] --- & plow, with all thinges nessecary therunto belonginge also his part of ----- all ye gears that his farm doth require ---queathed unto his heire one day moth of hay, and the ----e said day moth should run still with the farm for ye heir ------e to his elder son, his choice place of sheep the ----lace called Knock Freye, and the other place in the ---- Snefell he bequeathed his part of all his ex= ---- moveable and unmoveable, unto his three children John Margaratt and Cathren, he bequethed his ---- of the riding horse unto his liveing wife and to declare the Debtes; unto John Curghy wife 10s --- Elen Craine 15s, & for his own funerall ---d 2 muttens Will: Phillip Quaile Supvisor: in regard ye ye eldest sone is not caple to tak ye charge will joyne Will: Quaile the uncle joyntly with him supvise & sworne The wife sworne in forme of law witnesses Philip Quaile pbatum est et solvit John Quayle jurati The Inventory of David Quayle praised by 4 sworn viz Wm Quayle, John Kinread, Gilbt Kinreas, & John Quayle £ s d Imprs: A cow ..................................... 00 - 16 - 00 a calfe and a stirke ...................... 00 - 14 - 00 40 sheepe prized to ....................... 03 - 00 - 00 All the houshold stuffe ................... 01 - 01 - 00 The deads pt of the swine ................. 00 - 05 - 00 ---- 3d more add by the supvisor, 46 sheepe & muttons prized to .... 3 - 09 - 00 The goods & children are in the hands of the mother who hath given pledges secundum forman legis John Quayle Total will, and John Cowley of Cramage

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