Oates Clucas 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 7 December 2017
Original: 0106202

Episcopal Will 1670E #008 Marown, of Oates Clucas, died about 6 April 1670, intestate: 
Summary: children William, Joney, & M-----[Margaret], wife is not mentioned
will of daughter in law: ArW 1647A #23 Marown of Margaret Clucas alias Steane/Stephen, died 21 November 1647, father in law is Oates Clucas: son Gilbert Clucas, 
brothers and sisters, father and mother are alive, father in law Oates Clucas is a supervisor, also: Joney Clucas, Margaret Clucas, Margaret Moore, John Taggart, 
Vicar William Oates is a supervisor

Oats Clucas depted this life about ye 6th of Aprill 1670 intestat whe------[fold] Church haveing intelligence hath decreed his children Wm, Joney, and M------[fold] Clucas Administratrs: of all his goods movable, & unmovable whatsoever ------[fold] are all at age, and sworn in Cort Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum et solvit xijd suo jure Note that but Wm Clucas is sworne for ye other appeared not, and hath deposed that his ffather had disposed of all his goods amongst his children longe before his death, and hath nothing to Inventory

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