Robert Joyner 1670

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Episcopal Will 1670E #010 Braddan (Douglas), of Robert Joyner of Douglas, mariner, Deed of Gift made 1 November 1665, accepted as a Will on 7 November 1670: 
Summary: son William Joyner, William's wife Amy Joyner alias Watson, son Henry, dau [Margaret the elder] in Ireland, 
dau [Margaret] married to Christopher Bridson of Douglas, son Thomas Joyner in London, 
SEE also Deed of Gift & Will: ArW 1661A #109 Braddan, of Robert Joyner, mariner, of Douglas, Deed of Gift made 1 November 1665, proved 1 June 1673, 
wife Ellin/Ellinor Joyner alias Quay is dead: mariner, Deed of Gift made 1 November 1665 & signed by him: son William Joyner; William's wife [Amy] 
Joyner alias Watson, son Henry Joyner 6d legacy, dau Margaret the elder now in Ireland 6d legacy, dau Margaret now wife of Christopher Bridson of 
Douglas 6d legacy; son Thomas Joyner living in London 20s legacy.   Proved as will on June 26th 1673    
will of wife: ArW 1661A #108 Braddan, of Ellin Joyner alias Quay, died about 6 February 1662/3, intestate: husband Robert Joyner mariner of Douglas, 
children Henry, Thomas (out of the Island), William, Margaret & Margaret Joyner; son in law Christopher Bridson, goods of Thomas & Margaret are in 
the hands of the father Robert 

Know all men by these prsents that I Ro: Joyner of the towne of Duglas marriner, of & upon diverse good causes & consideracons me th----- conduceinge: & especially out of the entire love & affection, wch I the said Robt: doe beare unto my most deere & every loveinge sonn Willm: Joyner, who hath allwayes had a greater love & more filli= all respect unto me the said Ro: then my other of my children hath had; upon wch aforesaid consideracone I the said Robt: Joyner doe hereby freely give & bestow all my interest, right, or title of all my houses backsids & gardens with foulters[?or 'toulters'] togeather, with all manner of goods of what kinds or nature soever, with all such debt or debts sum or sums of moneys as shall bee in my custody at ye time of my death, or due to mee from any other manner of pson, or psons wtsoever after my death as aforesaid: To have hold, occupie & peaceably to enjoy, to him, his heires, executors, Admynistrators & assignes for ever after my decease, from all the rest of my other children, provided that my said sonnn Willm: shall not have power to dispose of any pt or pcell of the prmisses above mencioned after the life or lives of the longer survivor of himselfe & his now wife Amey Joyner alis Watson from his owne heires maile lawfully begotten of his now wife or for want thereof the same to descend to the heires maile next of kinn, & of the name of Joyner: Allso for the avoydinge of any future troble or suits of law betwixt my said sonn Willm: & the rest of his brothers & sisters I doe hereby nominat & appoint ----- ------ ------[torn] [to either of them a legasie to cut them off from any right of] claime or title to th------[torn] [the prmisses above specified ---- to my] sonn Henrye Joyner six pence, to my dau------[torn][daughter Margrett the elder] who is now in Ireland six pence; & to my daught------[torn] [daughter Margrett] the now wife of Christopr Brydson of Duglass six pence; and to my sonn Tho: Joyner liveing in London twentie shillings; And I the said Rob: doe hereby disclaime & make voyde all, & everie manner of will, or wills, deede or gift or gifts or any other escript or writeing whatsoever relating to the prmisses above= saide, and doe hereby aver them or any such to bee none of my act or deede, and doe hereby further obleig myselfe upon the oath of an honest man, never to make any other deede of gift or will to null this: As allso for the better assurrance of all & singulaer the prmisses & to witnes this to be my proper act & deede, & in my pfect health & memorie, & not seduced hereunto out of any by end-- to myselfe, nor hathred to the rest of my children but grounded upon the reasons aforesaid written, as witnesse my hand & seale this first day of Nor: 1665 signed sealed & delivered in the prsents of us Robert Joyner [plus his seal] to be sworne John: Barrey Willm Christian } Concordat p me Willm: Fflexney } iurati J Huddlestone verte This is accepted for a will & sworne & proved in Court ye 7th 9ber 70 [next page] Nor: ye 16th 1665 The within named Ro: Joyner hath ys day acknowledged the foresaid deede of gift to be his owne voluntarie act & deed, & desireth me (as I am a member of Court) to take notice thereof and that the latter part of the foresaid writing is his last will & testament irrevo= cable: and further desired yt I might hereafter if occation were atest the same, and for better safetie, desired yt it might be kept one record & annexed to his wifes will: wch accordingely was done, by order of the officiall: J Huddleston Concordat p me J Huddlestone Regisr Archdn: [next page] K Bradan, Douglasse A trew & perfect Inventorie of all ye Goods chattles ------[torn] cattles of Robt Joynor Late of ye towne of Dowg------[torn] diceased, praised this 16th of March 1669 by ------[torn] names ase here under subscribed Inprmis halfe ye houses toulters } £ s backsides and gardens .........}.................. 07 - 00 - ------[torn] Itt: one Brass pott 1 brass kettle one brasse } candlestick 6 old pewter dishes 2 old quart }.. 00 - 11 - ------[torn] flaggons & dj old iron pott ................} It: halfe an old feather bed & boulster wth } one coverlet and one blancott............} ...... 00 - 07 - ------[torn] It: halfe cubbord dj dishbord and bedsteed dj } table & frame one forme ..................}..... 00 - 12 - ------[torn] It: dj an old small brasse pann dj an old } Leene[?] and one old tub .................} ...... 00 - 05 - 0------[torn] It: for 5 deales & a halfe 1 chest 1 paire } of sheetes .............................} ....... 00 - 08 - 0------[torn] It: one oake powle & a halfe ........................ 00 - 00 - 09 It: dj one old ringe ................................ 00 - 00 - 06 It: his wearing aparrill ............................ 01 - 00 - 00 £ s d sum is 10 - 05 - 00 June 6th 1670: The wife of Wm Joynr who prtends the whole Interest to be in her selfe & husband by deede of gift from Robt: Joyner deceased (wch deed shee is to prove before ye deemster and returne to us wthin a month) is wit------[torn] in ye sd time or soonr if it may conveniently to pfect ye Inventory; and in ye Interim hath given pledges secundum forman legis Phillip Cowle and John Read Wm Joynr is sworn in Cort and hath pduced his ffathers deed of gift wch is further attested by Mr Wm Fflaxney & Wm Christian 2 of y wittnesses and is to pay all debts, & pforme all things incumbent upon an Executor as farr as ye goods will extend and hath given pledges according to Law Mr Wm Flaxney & Wm Christian [3 pages previously:] I being desired by Willm: Joyner to value his part of the vessell the sixt part thereof being his belonging to his father, doe take the said part to be worth about 8£ ster: this 7th of 9ber 70 John Murrey

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