Margaret Karran alias Clague 1671

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Date: 14 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #02 Braddan will of Margaret Karran alias Clague, died 21 April 1671, not included in the Old Typed Index: 
Summary:  husband is not mentioned, son Gilchrist/Christopher Karran & son Philip Karran, granddau Isabel Karran, 
nephew J---- Cannell, witnesses: John Creetch & Paul Creer, pledges: William Cubbon & John Caley
Braddan parish register:  Margaret Cloage  buried 21 April 1671
son: ArW 1705A #15 Douglas, Braddan will of Christopher Karran/Karron, died 3 December 1705: not married, nephew John Karran, 
nephew Philip Karran, niece? Catharine Karran, niece & executrix Isabel Karran, witnesses & pledges: Richard Killey & James Clague 
?sister: Episcopal will books 1651-1656 Braddan, will of Joney Cannell alias Clague
will of son: ArW 1705A #15 Douglas, Braddan will of Christopher Karran/Karron, died 3 December 1705: 15: nephew John Karron, Catherine Karron, 
nephew Phillip Karron, Isable Karron executor, wittnesses: Rich: Killey, James Clague (Full will given in pdf of transcriptions) 

This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Margrett Cloage who depted this life ye 21th of Aprill 71; first shee comited her sould to God & her body to Christian buriall; It: shee left to J-----[fold] Cannell her nephew as mutch cloth as would make him a wascoat & -----[fold] paire of bredges; It: shee left to her grandchild Iseable Karan a wh-----[fold] blankett and to ye rest of hir children all her clothes linen & woole It: shee constituted & ordayned her two sons viz: Gilcreest & Phi-----[fold] to be her true & lawfull exec: of all ye rest of her goods move-----[fold] & umoveable wtsoever pbatum et solvit 4d to appeare tomorroe The execrs: sworne in Court Testes Jo: Cretch { The Inventory £ s d Paul Creere{ A qrter of a cow ............... 00 - 04 - 00 2 yrds of hayre cloath ......... 00 - 02 - 00 The goods in ye Execurs: custody & hath given pledges in form of law Will: Cubbon, Jo: Coley Inventory as faloweth [Nothing follows; the page appears cut in half at this point]

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