Joney Kewley alias Cannell 1671

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Date: 14 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #03 Braddan will of Joney Kewley alias Cannell, died 8 February 167/21, not included in the Old Typed Index: 
Summary: husband Christopher Kewley is alive [died 1678, ArW 1679A #005 Braddan], son John Kewley, dau Alice Kewley, dau in law Catharine Kewley alias Bittle, 
2 grandchildren, witnesses & pledges: Daniel Christian & [brother in law?] John Kewley      
will of husband:  AW 1679A #005 Braddan will of Christopher Kewley, made 8 April 1678: wife [Joney Cannell] is not mentioned, son Daniel Kewley, 
son John Kewley; granddau Ann Kewley, grandson John Kewley, witnesses: Thomas Thwaites & James Oates, pledges: Henry Taggart & James Oates
will of dau: ArW 1674A #16 Braddan Alice Kewley, unmarried woman: father Cristoll/Christopher Kewley is alive [died 1678, ArW 1679A #005 Braddan], 
brother John Kewley, brother [Daniel] in Ireland, friend Dorothy Teare alias Cottier (her daughter in law is Averick Teare alias Callin), 
witnesses John Clague & Margaret Cannell, pledges: John Clague & John Clark  
will of mother in law:  ArW 1645A #10 Braddan Christian Kewley alias Cottier of Alia Begode treen in Onchan, dated 4 February 1645/6: husband [John] Kewley is not 
mentioned [dead by 1629, per 1629 Liber Vastarum, Onchan], son & executor John (married to Joney Lewney [her will ArW 1663A #90 Braddan], their children Robert 
junior & Robert senior & Joney & Isabel & Margaret & William), son Christopher (children including son John, & wife [Joney Cannell, died 1671/2, ArW 1671A #03 
Braddan]),grandson xxxx Kewley, granddau Joney, grandsons Robert Kewley (Robert senior, father John Kewley & Joney Lewney) & William Kewley (father John Kewley & 
Joney Lewney), godson William Huggin, son in law Ewan Christian had a contract bargain for 1/3 of the goods, also: servants Ann Quiggin & Isabel Cannell, witnesses: 
William Huggin/Higgin & John Kewley, pledges: Sir Patrick Thompson John Lewin, also: John Curghey dead & his executors entered a claim for 10s

KK Braddan The last will & testament of Jony Cannall, who depted this liffe about ye 8th of ffebr: 1671; ffirst she comitted her soule to almighty God and her body to Christian buriall; Item: she left to her son John Kewley one sheep legasie, Itm: to her daughter Alice Kewley her linin and woollen cloathes and one sheep; Itt: to her daughter in law Kattr: Kewley als Bittle one kerchiefe and one peticoate Itt: to her 2 grandchildren 2 lambes; Itt: she constituted and ordained her husband Christopher Kewley her true and lawfull executor of all ye rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever; Itt: she willd yt her said husband & executor should leave ye third pte of ye said Executorship to her foresaid daughter Alice Kewley after his own decease The execr: sworne in form testes Don: Christian of law John Kewley jurati pbatum et solvit 1s The Inventory of ye above named Jony Cannell was praised by 4 sworne men John Caine, John Christian, Robt: Kewley and Rich: Cotter as ffolloweth All ye goods moveable and unmoveable doth amount to the full & just sum of ......1£ - 12s - 00d The goods in the custody of ye execr: & hath given pledges in forme of law Donll: Xstin & Joh: Kewley

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