Gilbert Clucas 1671

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Date: 14 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #04 Marown will of Gilbert Clucas, died 23 March 1670/1: 
Summary: wife is alive, son William, son Daniel/Donold, dau Bahie, witnesses: William Karran & John Quayle; pledges: William Karran & William Clucas
?will of wife: ArW 1676A #07 Marown will of Elizabeth Clucas alias Kelly, dated 10 December 1676: husband xxxx [?Gilbert] Clucas is not mentioned [?his will 
ArW 1671A #04 Marown], daughter Bahie Clucas (?married William Moore by 1693), son Daniel (has underage children, including Isabel), son William Clucas; 
           witnesses: Henry Clucas & Richard Crellin, pledges Henry Clucas & William Clucas,  also: John Clucas, William Clucas, William Corlett & wife
?will of father: ArW 1635A #06 Marown will of Gilbert Clucas, died 13 January 1635/6: wife is alive, dau Averick, eldest son 
                 Gilbert, son Robert, son John (underage); brother John, witnesses: Oates Clucas and Gilbert Clucas
?See: Archdeacon Wills 1630 Marriage Contract Bargain Lonan, between xxxx Clucas son of Gilbert Clucas and Catharine Clucas the niece of Oates Clucas, 
      which occured between 30 June 1630 and Feast of Michael (29 September) 1630, performed by Sir John Thompson vicar of Braddan

Maroone The last will and Teastement of Gylbert Clucas who depted this life the 23th of March 1670. first he bequathed his soule to God & his body to Christian buriall in KK Marowne. It: to the poore halfe a firlet of barley one sheepe and one pecke of oate meale, It: he left one cow legasie to his wife , It: to his son Willm: one steere of yeare old It: to his son Donold one steere of x yeares old It: to his son Willm: halfe the crope of corne, and in case his sd son could not manage & husband his lands that his daughter Bahee was to hae it wth the sd halfe crop of corne and that he must neither sett nor sell the sd lands to any other but onely to his sd sister, It: he constituted nominated & appointed his foresd daughter Bahee lawfull Executor of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable witnesses The execr: sworne in forme of law Willm: Kerran pbatum et solvit xijd Joh: Quayle jurati The Inventorie of the goods of the abovesd Gilbt: Clucas praised by 4 sworn men viz: Nicho Kerran Willm: Curlet Henery Clucas & James Moore half an oxe praised to .............. 00 - 5 - 00 It: halfe a heffer .................. 00 - 7 - 00 It: halfe another heffer ............ 00 - 6 - It: halfe a little heffer ........... 00 - 4 - 6 It: his pte of the household stuff ....................... 00 - 6 - 6 the Deads pte of the Debts is ....... 1 - 5 - 6 so the Debtlesse goods is but ....... 3s - 6d The goods in ye custody of ye Executrix & hath given pledges secundum forman legis Willm: Clucas & Willm: Karran

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