William Clucas 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #06 Marown will of William Clucas of Balnamoney, Braddan:
Summary: wife Ann Clucas alias Moore [remarried to Humphrey Quay, as his 2nd wife], father William Clucas senior, mother Christian Clucas als [Fargher], 
brother Thomas Clucas; witness & pledge: William Norris & Edward Fargher; no children are mentioned
mother:  Episcopal Will books 1679-1683 Marown,  will of Christian Clucas alias Fargher 
will of grandmother:  ArW 1663A #141 Malew will of Marriad Fargher alias Harrison, died 27 January 1663/4: husband xxxx Fargher is dead; dau Margaret Quayle 
alias Fargher [married Thomas Quayle of Clycur who died 1669, ArW 1669A #036 Malew, Margaret died 1695, ArW 1695A #56 Malew); dau & exec Jane Fargher (her 
father is dead), son Ewan Fargher (his father is dead); son & exec Richard Fargher; son & exec William Fargher; son Thomas Fargher (& his son John); dau 
Christian Fargher (married to William Clucas); dau in law Ann Fargher als xxxx; son in law William Clucas (?married to Christian Fargher); also: Sir Thomas 
Parr; poor woman Isabel Scarff; poor woman Catharine Sansbury. NOTE, that her children were not to let, sell or exchange anything without the consent of 
Thomas Fargher, Nicholas Harrison & Philip Brew for the next 5 years, also: Alice Stopford, Anthony Halsall
will of maternal uncle: ArW 1672A #05 Malew will of Richard Fargher of Moaney Moar, dated 14 January 1672/3: wife may be pregnant, brothers in Ireland, brother 
Thomas with children (who are executors), sister Margaret, [brother in law] William Clucas & wife [Christian Fargher], also: Nichola Clark,  Nicholas Brew, 
John Fargher,  William Shimmin, Phinlo Quayle, Daniel Clark, Gilbert Karran, witnesses: Sir Thomas Parr & Thomas Clark & Thomas Caveen
See 1666 Composition Book, Braddan:  Edmund Moore & John Moore [of Balnahow, Santan] are overseers of Ann Moore grandchild of John Moore of Ballamoney, who last 
compounded the farm land, and on 5 March 1667/8, compounded for one quarter of land of the rent of 12s (the last lives being extinct) fine last 30s now to hold, 
Reserving the right of Christian Kelly grandmother of the said Ann according to her widow's right.  It was paid by William Clucas in behalf of his daughter in law 
[Ann Moore] who is married to his son William in part 23s unto attorney Qualtrough 4 January 1672/3.  The land was compounded for the lives of the said Ann Moore 
the heir, & of John Moore son of the said John Moore of Balnahow in KK Santan & of Thomas Moore son of the said Edmund Moore pays for a fine.    Total fine is 35s.
2nd husband of Ann Quay als Clucas als Moore & his 1st wife, etc:   1666 Composition Book, Braddan:  On 2 July 1668, Alice Fargher & Humphrey Quay her husband have 
compounded for half a quarter of land last compounded for by John Moore & lives not extinct last 15s now to hold; Reserving ye right of Christian Killey during her 
life or widdowhood, the time of payment is Michaelmas day next ---- in neglect? the composition to be void, Compounded for the lives of Humphrey Quay & Alice Fargher 
his wife & of William Kermode son of Robert Kermode Ballacuddy, pays for a fine now.   The quarter land fine is 19s.
1st wife of Humphrey Quay, the 2nd husband of widow Ann Clucas als Moore: Episcopal will books 1660-1665 Rushen, will of Alice Quay alias Faraugher/Fargher wife 
& her grandfather & her 2nd husband etc: 1693 Liber Vastarum, Braddan:  regarding Gresby treen, John Moore had a parcel of farm land for 4s rent (of 11s 6d total 
for the treen), and the rent fell to Humphrey Quay & his wife Ann who was the grandchild of the said John Moore, and they sold 1d single rent to John Bridson, 
and recorded in the Chancery Book in 1691
?uncle of Ann Quay als Clucas als Moore: 1694 Liber Vastarum, Braddan: Edmund Moore had a quarterland of 6s 6d rent in Gresby treen, 
and in 1694, William Moore, his eldest son, was entered for it as the right tenant to the land
?uncle of Ann Quay als Clucas als Moore: 1694 Liber Vastarum, Braddan: Edmund Moore had a parcel of intack for 1d rent, 
and in 1694, William Moore, his eldest son, was entered for it as the right tenant to the land

Marown The last will and Teastement of Willm: Clucas of Balnamoney in KK Braddan who bequathed his soul to God & his body to Christian buriall in the pish Church of KK Marowne. he left to the poore one firlet of mault one firlet of oatemeale, and one mutton. It: to each of his brothers and sisters 12d apeece legasie. It: to his wife Ann Clucas alias Moore 6d legasie; It: to his father Willm: Clucas Senr: one cow legasie; It: to his brother Tho: Clucas one maire & colt for his faithfull service the last winter; It: he constituted nominated and appointed his deare and loveing mother Christian Clucas his true & lawfull executerix of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable to Willm: Norris one goate witnesses heareof the execurx: sworn in forme of law Edward Ffarcher Willm: Cloague jurati Willm: Norris pbatu et solvit 1s A true Inventory of the goods of the abovesd Willm Clucas who departed this life the 21th of March 1671: praised by foure sworne men viz: Robt: Hanton, Robt: Clucas, Joh: Stayne & Richard Cottier £ s d Inprmis: Two oxen & one cow praised to ................. 3 - 00 - 00 It: one old horse & one old maire ...................... 00 - 10 - 00 It: one colte .......................................... 00 - 8 - 00 It: halfe a feather bed ................................ 00 - 5 - 00 It: halfe the harrowes ................................. 00 - 1 - 4 It: halfe the plow wth halfe ye geares ................. 00 - 2 - 6 It: halfe a blanket halfe a fledge and halfe a canvis ..................................... 00 - 1 - 00 It: halfe a bedsteed ................................... 00 - 1 - 6 It: two paeces of boards ............................... 00 - 00 - 2 It: halfe ye sives ..................................... 00 - 00 - 2 It: halfe ye small vessels ............................. 00 - 00 - 2 sum 4£ - 9 - 8 pledges in forme of law Willm: Norris & Edwd: Ffarcher Debts due to the sd diseasents father Willm: Clucas senir: for shearing in balnamoney 22s ------ ----[dark] the rate of 4d a day ---- ------ ----[dark] ----- ------ ----[dark] [2 previous pages:] May ye 6th 1671 Michell Cowley enters against ye exe---- of Willm: Clucas for ye sume of 1s due debt etc

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