William Nelson 1671

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Date: 18 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #08 Lonan will of William Nelson / Kneale, died 31 March 1672: 
Summary: wife is not mentioned, dau Catharine (married Patrick Quine), dau Elizabeth/Bessy Nelson; nephew Daniel Nelson, Henry Nelson's children, also: servants 
Philip Caley, Thomas Nelson / Kneale & his brother Phinlo Nelson / Kneale  witnesses Thomas Brew & Daniel Key, pledges: Daniel Key & John Quine, NOTE: Surname 
'Nelson' was used throughout this will, though several people in the will were recorded as 'Kneale' in later wills of their own, etc.
will of dau: ArW 1679A #01 Lonan will of Catharine Quine alias Kneale / Nelson, died 8 April 1680: husband xxxx [Patrick] Quine is not mentioned, 
son Thomas Quine (dau Catharine), dau Bahie Cowin als Quine, ?other children, witnesses: Thomas Thwaite & Philip Knickle, pledges: James Christian 
& Philip Knickle, NOTE, that Catharine's father is listed as William Nelson in his will ArW 1671A #08 Lonan
will of son in law: EpW 1674/5 Lonan, of Patrick Quine
see will of servant Phinlo: ArW 1684A #043 Lonan will of Phinlo Kneale, died 27 March 1685: brother Thomas Kneale
NOTE:  Will is listed as that of William Nelson, died 31 March 1672, but some of the people named in the will are listed as 'Kneale' later in the old Typed Index
NOTE:  see  ArW 1661A #087 German will of Margaret Mylchreest als Gawne als Kneale, died 19 February 1662/3, 
where the surnames 'Nelson' and 'Kneale' are used interchangeably in the will. 

Lonnan The last will and testament of Wm Nelson who departed this life March ye 31th 1672 First He bequeathed his soule to God and his body to Chris= =tian buriall Item To ye poore halfe a firlett of malt a mutton or sheepe and halfe ye halfe firlett of meale Item To his 3 menservants vid: Phi: Caly, Tho: Nelson & Ffinlo Nelson a sheep apece Item to his brothers son Dann: Nelson tenn shillings wch was in his owne hands Item To his daughter Catherin to have ye benifitt of hir contract bargan wch was halfe of his goods at ye latter day, and his other daughter Bessie Nelson to be his lawfull executrix of ye other halfe of all his goods moveable and imoveable whatso= =ever The execrx: sworne in forme of law pbatum et solvit 1s Testes Tho: Brew } Dan Key } jurati To ye minister a mutton The Inventory of ye abovsd Wm Nelson praised by Ffinlo Cluage, Dan Corrin, Wm Brew & James Quill all his goods moveable } £ s d and imoveable praised to }....... 08 - 01 - 00 debts to be deducted to} Hen: Nelson's children}.......... 02 - 06 - 00 The goods in ye execrx: custody & hath given pledges in form of law Donll: Key & Joh: Quine After this will upon request of his daughter Catherin his pleasure was yt she should have his rideing horse and his sonn in law Patr: Quine to have in lew thereof ye choyce of 3 cowes for that she ye sd Catherin ha---[torn] great need of ye horse; Whereupon replied Catherin---[torn] regard not ye latle for I have ye horse and h---[torn] ---- tooke me another's hands and ye will ----- ------[torn] The said Cathe: hath acknowledge ys agreement Witness Ann: Kn---[torn] [next page] fortie sixe shillings due to the decedent brothers children is to be deducted out of ye within Invent:

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