William Clucas 1671

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Date: 18 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #09 Onchan will of William Clucas, died 2 March 1670/1: 
Summary: wife Elizabeth/Bessy Clucas als Christian als Christian, sisters Joney (married John Skillicorn senr) & 
Isabel Clucas, stepson Thomas Christian (wife Catharine Christian als xxxx[?Christian]), nephew John Skillicorn junior, 
witnesses: Sir Thomas Thwaites & Paul Creer & Daniel Lowey, pledges: Edward Christian & Thomas Christian    
Onchan parish register: Will: Clucas buried  2 March 1670
?wife: Onchan parish register:  Bessie Christian buried 2 January 1671/2
will of brother in law: ArW 1669A #006 Lonan will of William Christian, died 10 January 1669/70: wife is not mentioned, son Patrick, son James, 
son Daniel, sister Elizabeth/Bessy Christian als Christian (son Thomas Christian), witnesses: Thomas Christian & Daniel Lowey, pledges: Philip Moore 
& John Killey, also: Philip Moore, Philip Clague, Ellin Clague & children, Sir Charles Parr, Philip Stowell entered a claim for 16s
sister: Onchan parish register: Jony Skillecorn als Clucas buried 1 Dec 1676
will of sister: ArW 1676A #05 Onchan will of Joney Skillicorn alias Clucas: husband is not mentioned, son John Skillicorn, 2 grandchildren, dau Ann Skillicorn
?sister: Onchan parish register:  Isabel Clucas   buried 7 May 1692

KK Conchan In ye name of God amen, The last will & testament of Wm: Clucas who depted this liffe ye second of March 1670, being of pfect memory praised be to God, Ffirst he committed his soule to God and his bodie to Christian buriall, Itt: he left to ye poore at ye discretion of his executors; Itt: he left to Joh: Skillecorne junior his best coat & breeches & his hatt; Itt: his wife Bessie Christian all ye woole in ye house & one blanckett against his winding sheet; Itt: he left to John Skillecorne senior one waiscoat; Item to his stepp son Tho: Christian his pair of shooes & stockins and all his pte of ye husbandrie geares due to him wtsoever, & his pte of one pott; Item he constituted and ordained his wife Bessie Christian & his two sisters viz: Jony & Issable Clucas his true & lawfull executors of al lye rest of of his goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever; Moreover he left to ye afforesaid Tho: Christian & his wife Katr dj of one new secke; Ittem he left to ye said Katr Christian his best shirt; Itt: he left to Sr Tho: Thwaites dj a yeareling Paule Creer Testes Tho: Thwaites juratus Danll: Lucas ad carcere Paul Creere for disobedience declared Don: Lowye juratus to ye Sumner The execrs: sworne in form of law pbatum et solvit 6d The Inventory of the abovesaid Wm Clucas was praised by 4 sworne men Tho: Cotter, Don: Lowye, Robt: Kewley & Tho: Cowcie[?] All ye good moveable & unmoveable whatsoever doth amount to 6s ster: The execrs: hath ye goods in yr owne custody pledges Edwd Xstian & Tho Christian

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