Bahie Farrant alias Garrett 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #11 Malew will of Bahie Farrant alias Garrett, dated February 1671: 
Summary: husband xxxx Farrant is not mentioned, son John Farrant, witnesses: Thomas Parr & Thomas Bridson junior, pledges: Edward Shimmin & Thomas Caine    
Malew parish register:  Bahie Ffarrant als Carrett     buried  4 Feb 1671/2
?husband:  Episcopal Will 1661 Malew,   will of John Farrant
?husband:  1639 Liber Assed:, Malew:   John Farrant had two parcels of intack land, each of 1d yearly rent
1681 Liber Vastarum, Malew:  Henry Garrett had a parcel of intack land of 3s 4d yearly rent, & he was dead, with the right of the rent falling to Mr [William] 
Preston who sold the same to John Farrant junior, reserving to his father & sisters the right to the same until they the money due both to be paid
        ?sister:  Malew parish register:   Dorothy Preston als Carret  buried 28 April 1671 Episcopal Will
1687 Liber Vastarum, Malew: Thomas Bridson had a parcel of intack land of 8d yearly rent (total rent 2s), and Thomas Stowell & his wife now had the right 
to the land and by virtue of certain articles and condistions, the right of 6d of the rent was now given to John Farrant junior, who was entered for it
1704, Old Malew Sales, bundle 3 #25: date 1 January 1704, the Abbey: Thomas Wood junior of Mallew & his wife Margaret Bridson sold for 17s sterling to John 
Farrant cooper a fourth part of a parcel called Coole Shalley adjacent on the northside to William Caine's land & on the other side to Farrant's own land, 
rent 3d, witnesses: Thomas Woods senior & John Allen,   Court June 1705

KK Malew ffebr: 1671 The testament of Bahie Ffarrant alis Carrett who comitted her Soule to God and body to X?ian buriall; It: to the poore accordinge to the discrecon of her Executor; Item: she constituted and ordayned her sonn John Ffarant her true and lawfull Executor of all her goods moveable and unmoveable Test: pbat & Solvit 6d Tho: Parre } Tho: Bridson junr: } juratus The Inventory of the goods of the abovesayd Bahie view'd and priced by ffoure swarne men to witt: Edward Shimine, Edward Taylor, Tho: Taylor and Tho: Caine as followeth £ s d Impris: halfe a stoone 4d, dj mugg, dj pottle cann, & kenikin 10d...... 00 - 01 - 02 Item dj the bed cloathes 18d, two petticoat 3s ....................... 00 - 04 - 06 Item a carchife and a halfe & the rest of her lynyns .................. 00 - 01 - 06 Item dj a tub 4d, som wearinge cloathes 30d ........................... 00 - 02 - 10 Item som heckle fflax 3d .............................................. 00 - 00 - 03 Debts to be deducted 7s 6d Item more ................. xijd pledges in forme of law and to secure ye office Edward Shymyne & Tho: Caine

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