Thomas Killip 1671

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Date: 26 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #21 German will of Thomas Killip, died 2 February 1671/2: 
Summary: wife Alice Crellin, dau Margaret, father is alive, brother Patrick, brother John, brother William, 
goddau Ann Gell, witnesses: John Gell & Henry Crellin, pledges: Patrick Quirk & John Gell
German parish register: Thomas Killip buried 2 February 1671/2
?see: ArW 1656A #12 German will of Phinlo Shimmin, dated 25 April 1656: wife Ellin [Killey] is alive [died 1658, ArW 1658A #019 German], 
youngest son John, eldest son John, youngest dau Ellin, witnesses & pledges: John Shimmin (sick) & John Gell, also: John Killip was owed 
for £5 of his wife's dowry, Alice Crellin was owed 14s for her child's portion, Thomas Quirk Trelja, John Killey was owed 6s
?related: ArW 1671A #37 Ballaugh will of Elizabeth/Bessy Goldsmith alias Killip, made 26 February 1670/1: husband Daniel Goldsmith was still alive in 1685; 
son John Goldsmith (of age by 1685), sister Mally Killip, brother Thomas Killip, brother William Killip, brother John Killip, sister Jane Killip, both 
parents are dead, witnesses: John Killip & Patrick Killip, pledges: William Killip & Thomas Killip & John Cry & John Killip

Germane the 6th 1671 The last will and testament of Thomas Killip who departed this life the 2th of Feb: 1671; first he committed his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall; It: he left to his father one cowe; It: he left his brother Patricke one heifer of a yeare and halfe and his coate; It: he left to his brother John two sheepe; It: to his brother William two sheepe; It: to his sister Margrett two sheepe; It: to Silvester Caine one sheep; It: Henry Crellin one sheepe; It: to John Gell one sheepe; It: to Ann Gell his goddaughter one hoge; It: to Sr John Woods one mutton and constituted and ordained his wife Alice Crellin his true and lawfull exec of all his goods moveable and unmoveable test: John Gell pbatum et solvit 1s Henry Crellin jurati The execr sworne Invent: priced by William Killey, John Gell, Henry Crellin and William Christine being sworne It: one cowe ............................ 14s - 0 It: 9 sheepe ............................ 14 - 0 It: the household stuffe ................ 12 - 0 The goods in ye custody of ye execr & hath given pledge in form of law Pat: Quirke & Jo: Gell Jan: ye 30th Willm: Killip enters against ye executor of Tho: Killip for ye summ of 8s due debt etc 1672/3 no fee pd Curia tenta apud Holme Towne Mar 6th 1671/2

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