Alice Hutchin alias Hutchin 1671

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Date: 4 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #25 Patrick will of Alice Hutchin alias Hutchin, dated 5 March 1671/2: 
Summary: husband xxxx Hutchin is not mentioned, dau Isabel Hutchin, brother Thomas Hutchin; also: John Gell 
owes her money, witnesses: Patrick Carran & John Clucas, pledges: Thomas Coole & John Quirk
will of father: ArW 1633A #053 Patrick will of Patrick Hutchin, dated 2 April 1634: wife Alice Clucas is alive (died not long after testator, Episcopal Will), 
eldest son Thomas Hutchin (underage), son William (underage), dau Alice (underage), supervisors: brother John Hutchin senior & brother in law? Phinlo Kelly, 
also: Margaret Hutchin, servant William Hutchin; witnesses: John Hutchin & Phinlo Kelly & John Gell & William Hutchin & John Harrison
?related, see mention of 'Alice Hutchin': ArW 1669A #061 Patrick will of Ann Hutchin alias Kneale, died 7 November 1669: husband xxxx Hutchin is not mentioned, 
children: son William (married to Ann Harrison, with children, has a contract bargain) & dau Margaret & dau Alice both of age; also: brother in law? Patrick Hutchin 
(children Ann & Isabel), Ellin Hutchin, Isabel Hutchin, Ann Harrison; witnesses: Margaret Cubbon & Dorothy Hutchin, brother in law? Phinlo Hutchin has custody of 
the goods, pledges: Robert Quilliam & Philip Kelly, also: Alice Hutchin entered a claim for 24s or 17 sheep, Phinlo Hutchin entered a pledge for the unsatisfied 
part of his contract bargainis pledge & has a contract bargain including funeral charges & tithes & church assessment & rent etc

Pat: March ye 5th 1671/ In ye name off God amen; I Alice Hutchen sicke in bodie but whole in mynd praised bee God doe make my last will and Testament in manner and forme following: first I committe my soule to God and my body to Christian buriall; It: I leave to my daughter Isable Hutchen -----[torn edge] which is due to me from John Gell; I constitute and ordayne my brother Thomas Hutchen my true and lawfull Execur: off all ye rest off my goods movable and unmovable Testes Pat Carran The executor sworn in forme of law John Clucas jurati pbatum et solvit 1s The Inventory off ye abovsd Alice Hutchen praysed by these 4 sworne men following, John Clucas, Willm: Callin, Daniell Callin, & Robt: Quilliam It: one cowe wch is ye whole off what } goods shee had praysed to.........}.... 0£ - 16s - -----[edge] The goods in ye custodye of ye execr: pledges Tho: Coole & Jo: Quirke Curia testa apud Peele Mar ye 6th 1671/2

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