William Quay 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #32 Michael will of William Quay, dated 12 February 1671/2: 
Summary: wife [Ann Corlett] is alive [remarried John Kelly, she died 1689, ArW 1689A #017 Marown], dau Margaret (married to William Corlett, they have a 
contract bargain), son John (of age), son Robert (of age by January 1681/2), and son William (of age by 1687); supervisors (?nephews): Paul Quirk & Peter 
Quirk & dau Margaret Quay; witnesses: William Kaighin & William Crowe, pledges Henry Kaighin & William Kaighin and Philip Cannell & John Quayle
Michael parish register:  Wm Quay   buried  1 March 1671/2
will of wife:  ArW 1689A #017 Marown will of Ann Kelly alias Quay alias Corlett, died 18 December 1689: 1st husband William Quay (died 1671/2, ArW 1671A 
#32 Michael), 2nd husband John Kelly, dau Margaret Quay, son (stepson) John Kelly, dau (stepdau) Margaret Kelly, youngest son William Quay, son John Quay, 
son Robert Quay; also: Alice Teare, witnesses: William Kerron/Karran & Margaret Kelly, pledges: William Fayle & John Cottier
?a sister: ArW 1685A #45 Braddan will of Ann Quirk alias Quay, died 26 March 1686: husband xxxx [George] Quirk is not mentioned 
(his will ArW 1663A #86 Braddan), dau Catharine Quirk, son Peter Quirk, son Paul Quirk, dau Margaret Quirk (married to James Cowin), 
granddau Mary Quirk, granddaughters Esther Quirk & her sister Margaret Quirk, also: William Gelling's wife  

K Michall Ffebruary the 12th 1671/ The last will and testament of William Quay who first comitted his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall. It: to his son in law Wm Corlett and his wiffe half the teame of oxen and ye 4th pte of ye croppe of corne to be payd as menconed in the Contract bargaine that is to say after ye death of Wm Quay and his wiffe. Itt: to his wiffe a young bay colt as legasie. Itt: to his son in law 13s that he is behinde of his porcon It: he constituted and apoynted his three children viz: John, Ro: and Will: Quay his true and Lawfull executors of all the rest of his goods movable and unmovable. It: he appoynted Paul and Peter Quirke Supvisors of his sd children. It: to Sr Wm Crow 1s. The 13s left to Willm Corlett is acknowledged by himselfe & his pt of the Farm also to be satisfied: The wife sworne in forme of Law & her sonn Testes John Quay also at lawfull yeeres Wm Kaighen The sister Margt Quay sworne supvisor Wm Crowe jurati pbatum et solvit 1s A pfect Invcentory of Willm Quay diceased praiced by 4 sworne men viz: John Caighen Wm Corlett Henry Caighen and John Cannon as followeth Inpr: his pte of ye horses .................... 0 - 18s - 0 It: his pte of ye cattle ...................... 0 - 14 - 0 It: his pte of ye sheepe ...................... 0 - 12 - 0 It: his pte of ye chist and one ........} blankett and a halfe old vessells and }...... 15 - 0 houshould stuffe .....................} Debts due from Joh: Corlett 7s 6d & from Jo: Stephen 7s - 0d from Richard Cotter .... 3s - 0d The goods of the yonger child in the wife custodie & hath given pledges Henry Kaughin & Willm: Kaughin The eldest at lawfull yeeres & ye goods in his owne custodye The goods of Robt: Quay in the custody of Willm Corlett his brother in law, pledges secundum forman legis Phillip Cannell & John Quaile Decr: 28th 1687 Jan: ye 31: 1681/2 Wm: Quay one of the Robt Quay one of ye above ----- above Exrs: came this doth acknowledg himself satis- day & acknowledgeth him= fyed in all goods due to him ----- self satisfied in all ye death of his abov------ -----[torn edge] goods due to him by ye Willm: ----- ----- -----[torn] death of his father, as witnesse his mrk Wm Quay X before me S: Watleworth Regr:

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