Elizabeth Goldsmith alias Killip 1671

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Date: 9 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #37 Ballaugh will of Elizabeth/Bessy Goldsmith alias Killip, made 26 February 1670/1: 
Summary: husband Daniel Goldsmith was still alive in 1685; son John Goldsmith (of age by 1685), sister Mally Killip, brother Thomas Killip, brother William 
Killip, brother John Killip, sister Jane Killip, both parents are dead, witnesses: John Killip & Patrick Killip, pledges: William Killip (for supervisor 
Thomas Killip) & Thomas Killip (for supervisor William Killip) & John Cry (for supervisor John Killip) & John Killip (for supervisor Jane Killip) & Thomas 
Killip (for supervisor Mally Killip), also: appraisors include John Killip & Patrick Killip
?husband:  Bride parish register: Daniel Goldsmith buried 12 May 1703 Episcopal Will
will of sister: ArW 1679A #33 Ballaugh will of Mally Corkill alias Killip, died 14 February 1679/80: Gilbert Corkill, sister Catharine Killip, Thomas Killip, 
brother William Killip, sister? or niece? Jane Killip, niece? Mary/Mally Killip, mother is alive; also: Ellin Corlett, Mally Stean/Stephen

Balaughe february the 26th 1670 June 13th 71 the last will and teastament of Bessy Killip first shee committed her soule to God and her body to Christian buriall; Itt: shee be queathed 3s worth of drinke to be bestowed the night shee would be lodged and the rest at her husbands discretion Itt: Shee ordained and apointed her her son John Gouldsmith her true and lawfull executor of all her goods moveable and unmoveabell allso shee confessed in her deathe bed that she was paide in all that was due unto her by the death of her father and mother testes The uncles & Ants one ye mother side are John Killip sworne supvisors only Mally is to be sworne tomorrow Patrick Killip The father sworne in forme of law pbatum et solvit A true and perfect Invictory of the goods of the above deceased Bessy Killip praised by 4 sworne men viz: Jo: Killip Don: Steven Patrick Killip and Phillip Gawne Sumner Imprimis the 3 pt of a cow and the 6 pt of a heffer praised to ............. 0£ - ij[2] - 0d The goods in the Custodye of the supvisors equallye and hath given pledge in forme of law Willm: Killip pro Tho: Killipe, & Tho: pro Willm: & Jo: Cry p Joh: Killipe & Jo: Killip pro Jane Killip & Tho: Killipe p Mally Killipe ffebr: 20th 1684/5 The executr: John Goldsmith came this day being at age with his father Donold Goldsmith & acknowledged that he was satisfied all ye goods & procon cue to him by ye death of his mother from ye foresd suprvisors, & hath accordingly acquitted & discharged them & their pledges, As witnesse his signe manuall ye day & year above written before me Sam: Watleworth Regr: John Goldsmith his mrk

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