Joney Quayle alias Cowley 1671

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Date: 10 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #41 Ballaugh will of Joney Quayle alias Cowley, died 28 February 1671/2: 
Summary: husband John Quayle is alive, no children are mentioned, sister Marriad Cowley, sister Bahie Cowley, brother John Cowley, 
mother xxxx Cowley alias xxxx, also: Ellin Craine, witnesses: Phinlo Garrett & Thomas Cry, pledges: Phinlo Quayle & John Clark

Ballaugh This is affirmed by the subscribed witnesses to be the last will and testamt: of Jony Cowley who depted this liffe ffebr: 28th 71, who comitted her soule to God and her bodie to Christian buriall; It: she left to the poor dj fer: meale and 2s woorth of drinke and a mutton. It: she left to her husband Jo: Quaile her pt of the steere, a young maire weareing one 4 yeares old and a choyce cow out of the whole before the goods be devided and her pe of the rooffe of the houses and her pt of the pott rackentree and her pte of the cheist and her pte of the tub and the hearings therin her pte of a whit blankett her pt of a swine and of 2 turf spaid It: she left to her sister Marriott Cowley all her appell exceipt a blew peticott to her mother and 6s in money; It: she left to Ellin Craine a lamb or a yearling sheep; It: she constituted and ordained her brother and 2 sisters viz Jo: Cowley and Marott and Bahie Cowley her lawfull execs: and her husband Jo: Quaile to pay all funerall charges, further ye witnesses hath deposed that she left all her shapen linnens to her sister Mariott Testes Ffinlo Carrett} Invent prized by 4 sworn men viz Tho Teare Tho: Cry } jurati Tho: Cry, Patr: Cry and Phillip Gawne 1 cow priced 18s, her pte of the horses 3s, The husband & ye execr sworne in her pte of the sheep 20s, her pt of the forme of law houshould stuffe 2s pbatum et solvit 1s The goods in ye exer: owne hands & hath given pledges in forme of law Finlo Quaile, Jo: Clark

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