Margaret Christian alias Kneale 1671

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Date: 11 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #44 Andreas will of Margaret Christian alias Kneale, dated 17 April 1671: 
Summary: husband William Christian is alive, son Stephen, son & heir William, dau Bahie (underage), sister, 
witnesses: John Casement & John Huddlestone curate, pledges: John Casement & John Kneale, also: William Martin owed 8s 6d    
Andreas parish register: Mary [sic] Kneal als Xtian  buried  8 May 1671
?son:  Andreas parish register: Stephen Christian (servant) buried  9 January 1708

NOTE: The following will has been crossed out, with a note that the will followed in the 2nd leaf. The accepted will is 4 pages later on the microfilm.

Apll the 17th 1671 The last will & testament of Margrett Kneele alis Christian being in good & pfect memorie first commited her soule to god & her body to Christian buryall: It: shee left to ye poore at the a fir: of corne & what is needfull therwith discrecon of the execr: It: she left to Sr: Joh: a lambe; It: she bequeathed to her son Stephen xs[10s] as a Legasie. It: I leave to my sonn Willm: a quarter of the cropp with all her right or title wt geeres belonge to husbandrye or working of ye Lands; It: shee constituted & ordained her daugr: Baheey Christian her true & lawfull executrix of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever; further it was her will yt if her said daughter Baheey depart this life before shee come to lawfull yeeres, then the executorshipe is to fall due to her husband Willm: Christian due from Willm: Martin ...... 8s - 6d Testes: Joh: Castmint pbatum et solvit 6d J: Huddlestone jurati The Invent of the said testatrix taken & prized by 4 sworne men and amounts to The goods in the father custody This will in ye 2d leafe following ys ['2d leafe following':] Apll: 17 - 1671 The is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Marg Kneele alis Christian, first she commited her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall. It: shee left to her sonn Stephen xs[10s] Legat. It: shee left to her son Willm: a quarter of the crope ----[fold] all her right in all geeres belonginge to husbandry; It: to Sr John a lambe. It: to ye poore at her funerall a fir: of corne & wt is needfull therewith. It: she con= stituted & ordained her daugr: Bahee Christin executrixe of all the rest of her goods wtsoever, & if her said daugr dye under yeeres, it was then her will to-----[fold] minat & ordaine her husband Will Christian her true & lawfull execr: of all her goods wtsoever. It: to her sister a carshiffe. It: to her said sonn Stephen ----[fold] a sheepe & a lambe, debts due from Willm Martin 8s-6d, from Willm Corkill ----[fold] Jaine Christin xs[10s] 6d The eldest brother ordained supvisor Testes J Huddleston The father sworne in forme of law Joh: Castmint jurati probatum et solvit 1s The Invent of ye said testatrix prized by sworne men Tho: Christin Jo: Kneele, Jo: Gawne & Henry Inch: as followeth: £ s d It: 22 stooks of barly & oats ............................... 01 - 02 - 0 It: in cattle, horses, sheepe & household stuffe ............ 03 - 00 - 00 note yt yr is 16s kept out of ys Invent to discharge debts The goods in ye father custody & hath given pledges in forme of law Jo: Castmnt: & Jo: Kneele

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