Ewan Cowle 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #46 Andreas will of Ewan Cowle, died about 6 April 1671, wife Catharine Fargher: 
Summary: wife Catharine Fargher (remarried William Key, her will ArW 1675A #066 Andreas), children: son Ewan & son John & son James & son Philip Cowle, 
also: witnesses & pledges: Richard Kneale & Gilbert Teare
Andreas parish register:   Ewan Cowle   buried  6 April 1671
wife: Andreas parish register: Cath Fargher  buried  6 January 1675/6:  
will of wife: ArW 1675A #066 Andreas will of Catharine Key alias Cowle alias Fargher, died January1675/6: 1st husband Ewan Cowle 
[his will ArW 1671A #47 Andreas, 2nd husband William Key, sons John & James Cowle, son Ewan & James (underage) Cowle

Andreas Mar ye last 1671 This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Ewan Cowle who commited his soule to God, & his body to Christian buryall; It: hee bequeathed to his foure children: Ewan, Jo:, James & Phillipe Cowle to each of ym a sheepe; It: hee constituted & ordained his wife Cathe: Ffarcher sole execr of all ye rest of his goods wtsoever; It: hee left the Croft to her dureinge her life & after her decease all his right therein to his sonn John Cowle. It: he left to Gilbt Teere a cassock. It: to Ricd Kneele his breeches & girkinge. It: hee left the heringe netts to pay his debts The execr sworne in forme of law Testes Ricd: Kneel pbatum et solvit 4d Gilbt Teere The Invent of the said testator prized by 4 sworne men Gilbt: Teere & John Teere & Henry Inch prized to ........................... xjs - 0d debts to be deducted besids ye above said netts 4s pledges in forme in law Ricd: Kneele & Gilbt: Tere Decembr: ye 8th 71 Ric: Lawson enters against ye execr: of Ewan Cowle for 5s-6d due debt

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