John Sayle 1671

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Date: 14 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #49 Andreas will of John Sayle, died in 1671:
Summary: wife is alive, dau & heiress Margaret, dau Joney, also: Richard Kneale senior (left a lamb), John Kneale junior (left 6d), John Kneale (owed 11s), 
Richard Kneale (owed part of 11s related to an apprenticeship) [brother?] William Sayle (left clothes to help wife), Thomas Sayle (owed 10s), Magaret Cowle 
(left a sheep & lamb), witnesses: Philip Crenilt (left 6d & land for 3 years) & John Huddlestone, pledges Richard Kneale & Henry Inch, also: William Cowle 
(brother in law of William Kinley) entered a claim for 18s,  Daniel Kneale entered a claim for 10s
?self:  Andreas parish register:   John Sayle  buried 25 June 1671
?self:  Andreas parish register:   John Sayle  buried 21 September 1671
? dau:  Andreas parish register:  Margaret Sayle married John Kneale on 31 December 1671 in Andreas

Andreas The last will & testament of Jo: Sayle who commited his soule to God & his body to Christan buryall. It: I leave to my daugr: 5s. It: to my wife 5s. It: to Ricd: Kneale sen: a ew lambe. It: to Philip Crenilt 6d, to Sr: Jo: a sheepe or mutton. It: to ye poore dj fir: malt & wt is needfull therewith. It: to Willm Sayle my holy day cloaths, if hee stay & helpe my wife & execr: It: I leave to my daugr Margt all my land & corne whom I constitute & ordaine my true & lawfull execr: & shee payinge my said daugr: Jony 2 sheepe or a blankett; It: to Jo: Kneele junior 6d. It: I desire yt noe man shall dis= turb Phillip Crenilt in his peacable possession of the Lands for 3 yeeres. It: to Margt Cowle a sheepe & a lambe. It: there is due to me from Tho: Sayle xs[10s], due from Jo: Kneele xjs, due from Ricd: Kneele his pte of xjs of Willm Cowle goods wch I paid him for learneing his trayde & a sheepe & lambe. It: I declare yt I paid Willm Kaily & his wife 13s - 1d Testes Phillip Crenilte The execr sworne in forme of law Jo: Huddlestone jurati pbatum et solvit 1s The Invent amounts to in all to .................... 02£ - 00s - 00d The execrx: at lawfull yeeres & ye goods in her custody & hath given pledges in forme of law Ricd: Kneele & Henry Inch Nor: 23d 1671 Willm: Kinly for & in the behalfe of his brother Willm Cowle enters against ye execr of Jo: Sayle for 18s & all his right in land or any thinge else due to him & craveth tryall August ye 2d 1672 Donll: Kneele enters his claime against ye execr: of Joh: Sayle for xs[10s] & cr-----[edge]

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