William Cottier 1671

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Date: 18 March 2018
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57Archdeacon Will 1671A #51 Andreas will of William Cottier, dated 3 December 1671: 
Summary: wife (Isabel Lace) is not mentioned (died 1657, ArW 1658A #54 Andreas), son Patrick, son John, grandson John Cottier, 
grandson William Cottier, witnesses: John Gawne & Daniel Kinry, pledges: Thomas Cowle & James Crebbin
self: Andreas parish register: William Cotter  buried  7 November 1671
wife: Andreas parish register: Isabel Lace wife to Wm Cotter buried 20 December 1657
will of wife: ArW 1658A #54 Andreas will of Isabel Cottier alias Lace, dated 3 August 1657: husband William Cottier is alive (died 1671, ArW 1671A #51 Andreas) 
son Patrick Cottier, son William, son John, also: Joney Caine, witnesses: John Huddlestone & William Keneen, pledges: William Keneen & John Crebbin
will of dau in law:  ArW 1654A #77 Andreas will of Mally Cottier alias Christian, dated 22 May 1654: husband & executor John Cottier, brother in law 
Patrick Cottier, mother in law & father in law, also: Joney McNameer (underage, left a sheep), also: dau of William Christian, Christian [Corlett als] 
Camaish, witnesses: John Huddlestone & Daniel Keneen & William Christian & [father in law?] William Cottier, pledges: John Lace & Daniel Keneen 
?grandson:  Andreas parish register: Willm Cotter son of Patrick Cotter  buried 24 June 1665
?granddau:  Andreas parish register: Cath Cotter dau of Pat Cotter  buried 29 November 1663 
son:  Andreas parish register:  Patrick Cotter of Ramsey  buried 5 March 1705/6  no will found
?relationship: ArW 1670A #092 Andreas will of Joney Caine, dated 4 January 1669/70: apparently not married, friend/relative & executor John Cottier, 
Patrick Cottier, Margaret Cottier, William Cottier Mally Gawne, John Gawne, John Lace & Daniel Lace, Joney Lace (has a daughter), goddau Joney Lace, 
Isabel Kelly, witnesses:  Sir John Huddlestone & Alice Radcliffe, pledge: Henry Inch  

Decbr: 3d Andreas This is affirmed to bee the last will & testament of Willm Cotter who commited his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall. Itt: he bequeathed to his sonn Pat: halfe a cow; It: to my grandchild John Cotter a sheepe; It: to Sr John a hogge It: he constituted & ordained his sonn John execr: of all the rest of his goods wtsoever. It: hee declared yt there was 4s in his sonn Pat: Cotter hand, to discharge his funerall. It: he left an oxe to his grandchild Willm: to put him to a traide. Testes Jo: Gowene The execr: sworne pbatum et solvit 6d Donll: Kinrye jurati 14 dayes given to bring in an Invent: taken & prized by 4 sworne men The Invent amounts to .................. 1£ - 4s - 0d pledges secunda forman legis Tho: Cowle & James Crobbin

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