Bahie Kneale alias Joughin alias Cowle 1671

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Date: 22 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #55 Bride will of Bahie Kneale alias Joughin alias Cowle, dated 25 December 1671: 
Summary: 1st husband xxxx Joughin, 2nd husband xxxx Kneale is alive, daughter Margaret Joughin, son William Joughin, 
Ann Joughin dau of John Joughin, Catharine & Ann daughters of son in law Charles Cowle, Margaret Cowle.
? will of daughter in law or stepdau: ArW 1655A #55 Bride of Catharine Joughin als Cowle, died 9 November 1655, intestate: husband John Joughin is alive, only 
child Ann Joughin (underage), brother Charles Cowle, brother John Cowle, other siblings: Mark Cowle, Margaret Cowle, Ann Cowle, also: John & Daniel Joughin. 
? will of granddau: ArW 1685A #34 Bride of Ann Joughin als Joughin, died about 20 Nov 1684:  
dau Isabel Joughin, son Michael Joughin, husband Michael Joughin, father John Joughin.
? will of son: ArW 1694A #45 Bride of John Joughin, buried 6 Nov 1694: granddau Isabel Joughin, dau Catharine, son Mark, also: Daniel Joughin, Mark Joughin.

Bryde Dec: 25 In nomine Dei amen, I Bahy Kneale alas Cowle sicke in body but whole in mynde & pfect memory, praised bee God, make my last will and testamt: in manr: & forme followinge &c: Inprmis: I committe my soule to Gd & body to Xtian buriall &c It: I leave to John Joughins daughter Anne Joughin one hogge; It: to Charles Cowles two daughtrs: Kath: & Anne one sheep & lamb betwixt them & betwixt his two sons one hogge; It: I leave legasye to my daughter Margt Joughin all my clothes & to Margt Cowle a yard of smale cloth It: my will is yt if John Joughin doe sue for any thing of my Executrs: that then the sd John shall pay 3 pounds unto her executrs: for that lands wch I and my husband bought I leave to the pson a mutton and being asked what shee would doe wth Charles Cowle her son in lawe shee replyed, yt her husband & executors should make him out betwixt them and desired yt they should live peaceably together; It: shee constituted & ordayned her husband & her son William Joughin Executors of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable & to see all things concerninge her will pformed, lastly she left to ye poore a fert: malt & the reste to bee given at her execrs: discretion testes Joh: Harrison jurati The executors sworne in forme of law Nicho: Moore clarke pbatum et solvit 1s The Invent of the said testatrixe prized by 4 sworne men amounts to the sume of ....................... 03£ - 00s - 00d pledges secundam forman legis Nicholas Moore & Charles Cowle Curia tenta apud Leyayre 1671/4 March 8th

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