James Quane 1671

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Date: 22 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #56 Bride will of James Quane infant, died about 15 February 1671/2: 
Summary: mother Joney Quane alias Christian died 10[?1] years previously (will in Episcopal Books), siblings: William, John, Daniel/Donold, Charles, & Joney Quane
mother: Episcopal Wills books 1660-1665: Bride will of Joney Quane alias Christian
will of father: ArW 1683A #23 Bride will of John Quane, died 29 January 1683/4: 2nd wife Joney Kn----- is alive, son William, 
dau Joney, son Charles, son John, son Daniel, also John Lace & brother Michael Lace, John Joughin of German, Mark Christian, 
Mr Thomas Radcliffe of Knockaloe; witnesses & pledges: John Christian & David Sayle
brother: Andreas parish register: Dan Quane married Jane Cormode in January 1679/80 in Andreas
will of brother: ArW 1695A #72 Andreas will of Daniel Quane, weaver, made 12 July 1695: wife [Jane Cormode] is alive [remarried Philip Wade, 
& dead by 1702], son John Quane (underage), brother John, brother William, brother Charles, sister Joney, sister in law (wife's sister) 
Catharine Cormode, witnesses: John Teare & John Curghey, pledges John Saile/Sayle [from England] & John Tear.

Bryde February 15 - 1671 James Quayne infant depted this life about the midst of February 1671, Church having intelligence therof hath Decreed his foure brethren & siser viz: Wm, Jo:, Donald, Charles, & Jony Quayne Administrs: Note yt the Invent: is included in the mothers viz Jony Xtin in the Bishops registrye about x[10, or 1?] yeares past Decret et solvit Salvo tamen vincuige suo iure

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