Patrick Caley 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #59 Lezayre will of Patrick Caley of Sulby, also of Ballakubrach[?] that he is selling, previous Churchwarden, died 23 February 1670/1: 
Summary: wife Alice Kissage pregnant & remarried Nicholas Moore, dau (eldest) Ann, dau (youngest) Catharine, brother Robert Caley, mother in law Margaret Woods 
alias Kissage alias Crowe, sister in law Catharine Kissage (married to Thomas Kinley), sister Catharine Caley (married to Philip Boddaugh/Boyde), pledges Nicholas 
Moore [2nd husband of wife Alice], Daniel Quayle, & William Corkill, also: Thomas Casement, Ewan Kneale of the Gill (prior churchwarden), John Woods, Daniel 
Kinread, Richard Kewish & son Henry of Ballakubrach, William Kewley
wife & son in law William Garrett: ArWills 1692: Alice Moore als Caley als Kissage was dead by 24 October 1692 Lezayre, married 1st to [Patrick Caley of Sulby, 
ArW 1671A #59 Lezayre] & 2nd to Nicholas Moore, William Garrett & wife entered a claim against her for money & goods she had custody of from the father [Patrick 
Caley of Sulby, ArW 1671A #59 Lezayre] of William Garrett's wife xxxx Caley
mother in law:  Episcopal Will 1677 Lezayre for will of mother in law Margaret Woods alias Kissage alias Crowe  
will of sister in law:  ArW 1685A #65 Lezayre will of Catharine Kinley alias Kissage, died 11 March 1685/6: husband Thomas Kinley [died 1692, his will ArW 1692A 
#46 Lezayre], dau Ellin Kinley (married to Thomas Teare, son John, dau Ellin, dau Alice), dau Isabel Kinley, sister Alice Kissage [married Patrick Caley], brother 
James Kissage; niece Ann Caley (has children), niece Catharine Caley, (bro in law of sister Alice) Robert Caley, Jane Sumpter, witnesses: Thomas Killip & Michael 
Caley; pledges: husband Thomas Kinley & brother in law Nicholas Moore
1692: Old Lezayre Sales Bundle 2 #11: William Garrett sold to Michael Corlett: dated 1 Aug 1692: William Garrett (Slewmanaugh, Lezayre) & wife Ann Garrett als 
Cally being constrained by my low condition and that having a dwelling house elsewhere in Sulby and not being able to manage two estates sell for £3 to Mickall 
Corlet (Lezayre) some parcels of qtrland in the mountaine called Slewmanaugh rent 7s 11d; witnesses John Woods x, John Christian; annexed note dated 19 Mar 1693 
by Cathrine Corlett alias Corkill that her husb Michael Corlett is dead and by his will I am executrix but unable to meet the bargain pss for £6 5s to Mr Tho 
Christian clerk curate of Ballagh and Robt Christian (Curragh, Lezayre);   Court May 1694
also regarding his wife Alice: ArWills defuncts dated 20 Jun 1692, defuncts of Andreas, Bride, Lezayre & Maughold: William Garrett married either Ann Caley: Octr 
24th 92: Wm Carrett enters his claime agt ye Execr: of Alice Kissag for halfe an heiffer & corbe due by Law six shill: moneys & all ye goods wth crop of corne due 
to his wife by ye death of hir father, wch were in ye hands of ye sd Alice Kissage & hir husband Nich: Moore, due debt as will be made to appeare & craveth ye Law 
will of father in law: ArW 1655A #40 Andreas will of Thomas Kissage, dated 30 October 1655: wife Margaret Crowe [remarried to (John?) Woods, her will EpW 1677 
Lezayre], eldest dau [Catharine] (md Thomas Kinley), youngest dau [Alice, she married Patrick Caley of Sulby], son James [married Ann by 1694], sister Joney Kissage, 
also: William Sayle, John Sayle, witnesses: William Kneale & William Corkan, pledges: William Brew & William Sayle
self: 1671 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre:  Thomas Killip had a parcel of intack land of 18d yearly rent, 
belonging to Alkest treen, and in 1671, Patrick Caley was entered for the 18d rent
self & wife & her 2nd husband: 1672 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre: Patrick Caley had a quarterland in Soulby treen for 2s + 2parts of 1d rent, 
and he was now dead, and the rent having been bought by his and his wife Alice Kissage, she was entered for the same in 1672 (her half 
being 1s + third paft of 1d), along with her current husband Nicholas Moore, and reserved the right of the child or children begotten 
between Patrick and Alice and of all others in the half of the said rent at all times hereafter.  
see: 1646 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre: Henry Kissage had a parcel of intack land of 6d rent, 
and in 1646, John Caley was entered for 3d rent by the consent of Henry Kissage
see: 1644 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre:  John Caley had a quarterland in Soulby treen for 6s 7d rent, and in 1644, William Caley was entered for it.  
see: 1644 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre:  Phinlo Caley had a parcel of intack belonging to Soulby treen for a yearly rent of 20d, 
but he was now dead and so his son William Caley was entered for it.

Trinitie Ayre 1670/1 This is affirmed to be ye last will and Testamt: of Patrick Caly who departed the 23d of Ffebr: 1670: Impr: he committed his soule to God and his body to Xtian buriall. Item It was his will that two shillings or halfe a crowne worth of beer should be disbursd ye day of his burriall, and what more was to be spent, to be after his relations disposing according as they see fitt; Item he bequeathed to his brother Robert Caly three shillings Leggacie; Item it was his will yt if his said brother Robert should demand any thing else besides or hereafter, that then the said Robert is to returne twenty sixe shillings, the decedent laid out for him in hey and herrings as due debt, to ye execs: Item he left Thomas Casment to pay two shillings to ye execs:, in lieu of two ffirkins the decedent made to him to prserve powder, or else to sweare ye contrary; Item it was his will yt Ewan Kneale in ye Gill should pay one shilling to ye exec:, wch ye decedent laid out for him toward ye paymt: of ye altar cloath, whtn they were Churchwardens, or else yt he should swear to ye contrary; Item he left John Woods to pay 3£ at Lammas next to his wife & ye execs: Item his will was ye Donald Kinred should pay twenty shillings likewise at St: Sim: & Juds day next ensueing; Item It was his will that 3£ should be given by his mother in law Margt Crow (alias) Woods after her death according to condition and promise; Item it was his will yt if his wife be with child (as supposed) and being a male that then he was to be heir of all ye lands and houses the decedent had in houlding, and of all wch may be due hereafter, bequeathd also to him the plow gears, and if it be a female then to have a mutton Leggacie; Item It was his will, that all ye Land wch came to him by his brother Robert should be left to his eldest daughter Ann, provided there be no male; and all ye rest of his Land he bequeathed to his youngest daughter Catharin after ye mothers death; Item he left his foresaid two daughters execs: of all his goods moveable and immoveable. Item it was his will yt his wife should enjoy all ye Lands he bought during her life whither the child prove male or female; Item he left to his sister in law Cathar: Kissagg 3 shillings leggacy, Item he left to his owne sister Catharin Caly 3 shillings Leggacie, and also was his will that those two sisters viz: Cathar: Kissagg and Cathar: Caly should be supervisor over his children. It: it was his will, yt he had twenty two shillings upon a peece of Land in ballekubrach from Rich: Kewish & his son Henry in morgadge The said land to continue in his wife & execs: Witnesses possession till ye money be returnd from Donald Quail X ye execr: of Hen: Kewish Hugh Macnemeer X pbatum est et xolvit xijd Debts due from Willm: Kewley 00£ - 07s - 0d The Invento: Mar 10th 1671/2: Donll: Kinred hath obleiged himself in Court to pay the above named 20s upon S---- Jude next ensueinge the date jerpf Ffebry: 13th ---- Phillip Bodaugh one of the overseers of the above Patrick Callyes Children hath this day recd: from Donold Kindred twenty shillings due from him by ye decets: will ------[torn] acquit him for ever of ye same wittess his n------[torn] ------[torn] Johanes Christian Regr: [next page] A true Inventory of ye goods of Patr: Caly prizd by 4 sworn men £ s d Impr: 3 cows 1 heiffer prizd to ........................... 03 - 10 - 00 Item 2 steers prizd to .................................... 01 - 17 - 00 Item 4 horses prizd to .................................... 02 - 00 - 00 Item 2 parts of halfe an oxe .............................. 00 - 08 - 00 Item 7 yards of raw cloath ................................ 00 - 07 - 00 Item 2 parts of a heffer .................................. 00 - 04 - 08 Item all other Implements, Linnen woollen, and other small 6 - 6 - 8 necessaries, and all what is above mentioned does amount to ye whole summe of ................................... 08£ - 10 - 08 8 10 0 This is the totall of the Inventory prized by 0 7 0 Willm: Kneen 0 6 0 Jo: Caly 0 2 3 Tho: Caly 0 1 6 Edm: Crow Sumner 0 3 3 January ye 26th 1671/2 0 2 6 more aded by Cathe: Caly & Tho: Kinly one of ye supvisors 0 0 7 Inprs: 3 bouls oats & one fir: prizd to 7s-0d 0 1 4 It: 1 bould barly prized to 6s 0 1 2 It: 4 pottls & a quart whate....2s-3d 0 0 8 It: 1 hatt 1s-6d, 1 daggar 3d, dj keene 3s 0 0 7 It dj his working geeres 6s & allowed in ye legasies to Tho: Kinly & Phillip Boddaugh 0 6 8 sum: 20s - 00d 0 0 7 0 0 9 deducted out of ye Invent for funerall 3 2 charges church dues pbacone & 1 10 0 Sumner fee ... 9s-0d 11 10 0 The wife hath taken halfe the Inventory, and ye Supvisors the other halfe, pledges given by ye wife Tho: Kinley & Nic: Moore pledges by ye Supvisors Donold Quayle for Phillip Bodaugh, and for Tho: Kinley Wm Corkle Ffeb: 24th 1671 More aded to the abovesaid Invent: by the supvisors: It: one paire of boots....2s-6d It: a paire of ladder drawer & a cheese chest 0s-7d It: 4 yards of course cloath 1s-4d It: one quart of keere woole 1s-2d, It: halfe one bedstocke 8d, It: 3lb of yron 7d It: 6 sheep 6s-8d, It: halfe a paire of tongs & rackentree 07d, It: salt ...0-9d summ: 13s - 06d ye children pt of Patrick Caly of Sulby: More aded also by the said supvisors ye day & yeere abovesaid of ye 3£: Jo Woods paide 01 - 10 - (1) also a paire of spurrs 00s-6d more aded Mar 17th by ym: ye 4th pt of a woollen wheele 2d It: dj linnen wheele in ye mothers hand 4d; It: in her hands allso 2 paire of stockings 6d; allso dj old sack & dj old poake 2d; It: allso in her hands dj one silver crost & whissell 1s-7d 3s 2d The 9s abovesaid deducted restat due to the children x[10]£ - 03s - 06 March ye 17th 1671/2 The wife vizt: Alice Moore alis Kissage hath ys day paide & delivered to the supvisors Phillip Bodaugh & Tho: Kinly the one halfe of the Invent: vizt: 04£ - xs[10s] - 6d & 20s more wch Donll: Kinred is obleiged to pay upon Symon & Jude next ensueing the date hereof & doth by these prsents acquit & discharge ye said Alice Moore her heires execrs: Admynistrators & assignes, for wch some they the said Phillip Bodaugh & Tho Kinly hath given pledges in forme of law as above said Donll: Quaile & Willm: Corkill

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