William Caley 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #60 Lezayre will of William Caley, lands include a meadow called Keapaugh and a close called Close ne Creggy, died about 24 January 1671/2: 
Summary:  wife Margaret Mylecaraine (both parents are dead), son Edmund & son Philip & son Thomas & dau Joney (received legacy July 1673) Caley, eldest son 
William, eldest dau Margaret (received legacy July 1673, including Close ne Creggy), son Ewan (received legacy July 1673); brothers in law Thomas & Michael 
Mylecaraine, brother in law William Mylecaraine (dead), also: friend Mr Thomas Radcliffe of Knockalow, godson the son of Daniel Curghey, Bahie Mylecaraine/Carran
(he owed her a bowl of malt), William Corlett, witnesses: Ewan McNameer & John Caley, pledges: brother in law Thomas Mylecarran/Mylecaraine & brother in law 
Michael Mylcarran/Mylecaraine
see also: ArW 1663A #58 Lezayre will of Gilbert Quayle, died 12 September 1663 after 20 years of sickness: not married, nephew xxxx Quayle, brother Ewan Quayle; 
mother xxxx Mylrea als Quayle als xxxx is dead (made will), stepfather William Mylrea, executors Margaret Mylecaraine (married to William Caley who was cousin to 
witness John Caley) and Margaret Kewley (married to John Caley who was brother to witness Thomas Caley), witnesses: John Caley of German (cousin of William Caley 
the husband of Margaret Mylecaraine) and Thomas Caley (brother of John Caley the husband of Margaret Kewley), other witnesses: John Kinley & William Kneen, 
pledges: Nicholas Kewley & William Creen/Kneen;  also: William Quayle neh Creggie / of Ballacreggan & son (they boarded a cow for Gilbert) ; others
see:  ArW 1699A #58 Lezayre will of Margaret Caley alias Kewley, died 13 November 1699: husband John Caley is not mentioned, dau Joney, dau Catharine, 
granddau Mary Caley, dau Jane, son Ewan, son John, witnesses: John Moore & Thomas Caley, pledges: Thomas Caley & John Caley  

Trinitie Ayre p anno 1671/2 This is affirmed to be ye last will and testament of Willm: Cally who departed this life about the 24th of January 1671/2, and first committed his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall. Itm: To Mr Thom: Ratcliffe of Knockaylow 1 bullocke for being a good friend to his children; to his godson of Dan: Curghey 1 lambe; Itt: To his 4 children viz: Edm:, Phillip, Thomas & Jony Cally each of them xxs[20s] apeice legacie. To his eldest sone William Cally his halfe Teame, viz 2 oxen and a horse and his halfe of ye geares belonging to ye Land, togeather with his halfe of ye cropp of corne and his sd sone to give his eldest daughter Margtt: Cally three pounds, and halfe a firlett of wheat. Ittm: hee left his bought Lands to his sd sone William Cally all his bought lands and hee to give his sister Margarett three pounds, or other =wise herselfe to enjoy ye sd Lands. Ittm: hee bequeathed to his sd daughter Margt seaven pounds more of ye moneys due from Mr Richd Ffox and Phillip Curlett to bee paid her by her mother. Itm: he constituted and ordained his deare & loveing wife Margt Cally als Mcleycarane his true and lawfull Executrx of all his goods movable and unmovable whatsoever and appointed Mr Tho: Ratcliffe and Thomas Mcleycarane supvisors, wth ye assistance of Mr Richd: Ffox whom hee desired to have care of the childrens interest. Ittm: hee bequeathed to his said wife to be at her own dispose a pcell of Meadow containing 2 daymoths of hay or therabouts called ye Keapaugh. Ittm: hee said there was due to him from Bahee Mcleycarane for a boule of malt Itt: in a peece of Land had by him from Edw: Kissag due by ye Executorsp: of J----[edge] Mclecarane xijs. more due to him in right of his wife, from the exec: of her brother Wm Mcleycarane 2 bowls of wheat & barley Ittm: due more in right of his wife 3 pte of a cubbart due to her by ye death of her mother and her pt of a pewter fflagon of her ffathers goods ---[?or] ye one halfe due from ye sd Executrs: halfe a mayre & colt of her sd ffathers goods. Ittm: hee bequeathed to his sone Ewan Cally a bullock wch his grandffather left him (being then a calfe) and a suit of cloaths as legacie, and thought it sufficient already being at cost with im to a trade. Itm: hee sd hee ought Mr E-----[torn edge] Curghey senr: seaven shillings Tyth money. Itm: hee said there was due to -----[torn edge] right of his wife by ye Executorsp: of her ffather & mother her pt of 3 bed-----[torn edge] The Execr: hath sworne in court with consent of Willm Curlett yt shee never sould no-----[torn edge] took any manner of satisfactione for her pt of the cubbart & flaggon in----- -----[torn edge] abovesaid & yt it is her owne p her right Due from Capt Tho: Ratcliffe of Knockaliffe 5£ as appeares by specialtie for wch we have in consideracone the ------ ---- of a certaine close called Close necreggy pbatum est et solvit xijd Testes: Ewan McNameere} John Cally ...} jurati The supvisor Thom: Mollecar-----[torn edge] and Mitchall Mollecarane -----[torn edge] 14 days given to bringe in an Invent: sworn to be his assistant, b-----[torn edge] sub pena xs[10s] is sicke Curia tenta apud Leyayre Mar: ---- 1671/2 [next page] The Invent of the within testator taken} and prized by 4 men amounts to the summ} 03£ - 00s - 00d all debts discharged whereof in Tho: Ratcliffe hand .......... 2£ - 10s - 0 In Phillip Curlott hands ................ 26s - 00 The execrx: at lawfull yeeres & the goods of ye child under yeeres in her custody & hath given pledges secundum forman legis: Tho: Mcylcarran & Michell Mcylcarran July ye xxjth 1673 Jony Cally came this day to the Records being at lawfull yeeres & acknowledeth to have received at & from the hands of her mother the executrix a cow for & in con= sideration of the 20s Legasie within mentioned & bequeathe to her by her father & doth ac quit & discharg the execr: the wch cow shee hath given to her brother Willm Caly for halfe the increase for the terme shee brings forth one calfe after ye dat hereof, & to keep the said calfe till it bee 3 yeeres old, & ye other yonge calfe of a yeere & a halfe old yt is likwis betwixt ym, he her said brother is to keep him till hee bee 4 yeeres old Jony Caly X Will Caly X Allso the said Willm Caly doth acknowledge to have received from his said mother executrixe the 20s Legasie within menconed bequeathed to his brother Phillip Caly under yeeres & to be responsible for ye same when hee comes to lawfull yeeres & doth acquit & discharg the executrixe of the said Legasie. Willm: Caly X Margt Caly being allso at lawfull yeeres came this said day allso to the Recrods, & doth acknowledge to have received at & from her mother, her father executrixe a certaine close called Close ne Creggey for & in liue of 10£ of the within mencon Legasie, & allso a cow in 25s more & doe acquit & discharg the said executrixe of the whole sume of 6£-5s, being in part of payment of the within seaven pounds Legasie & remaines yet in te hands of ye Executrix 15s wch is all yt is due to mee by the death of my said father Willm: Caly as witnes my hand ye day & yeere abovesaid Margt Caly mark M paide allso by the executrixe to Ewan Caly on oxe wch hee sould for 30s in consideratione of ye steer within menconed wch his grandfather left him; & allso she paide him 3 yards of loughton cloath in consideratione of the suite of cloathes within menconed, as she, & his brother Willm Caly declares

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