Ellin Karran 1672

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Date: 6 April 2018
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Archeacon Will 1672A #02 Braddan will of Ellin Karran / Kerran, died 17 December 1672: 
Summary: not married, aunt Margaret Dickson alias Cubbon [married to John Dickson before 1646], sister Margaret Karran, 
witnesses: Isabel Callister & Alice Callow, pledges: Matthew Kelly & Patrick Smith  
?uncle:  Braddan parish register: Jo: Dixson de Duglas buried  10 August 1685
mother:  Episcopal will books 1635-1638  Braddan, will of Joney Karran/Kerran alias Cubbon
father:  Episcopal will books 1671-1675 Braddan, will of Gilbert Kerran/Karran
will of maternal grandfather: ArW 1630A #25 Braddan will of Robert Cubbon, written about March 1629/30: 2nd wife Jane Wainwright is alive [died in early 1640s, 
will in Episcopal books 1642-1644 Braddan], older children (whose mother is dead) son John, dau Margaret (married John Dickson), dau Ann & dau Joney (married 
Gilbert Karran); dead son Philip Cubbon [see Episcopal wills bks 1620-1624 Braddan]; underage younger children (mother is 2nd wife Jane Wainwright): son Thomas, 
dau Margaret, dau Dorothy, & son Robert; son in law Gilbert Karran (married to Joney Cubbon), witnesses: John Thompson vicar & Richard Qualtrough & John Tate & 
William Dobson, pledges: John Moore, appraisors include John Cure & William Wainwright
NOTE: Listed as 'Ellin Kewan' in the old Typed Index, but it is clearly 'Ellin Kerran', with two old-fashioned r's in her surname

The last will and testament of Ellin Kerran who departed this life the 17th of December 1672 Imprimis she bequeathed her soule to God and her body to Christian buriall &c It: she bequeathed to her Aunte Margrett Cubbon alias Dixson one course Apron and one handcarchiff she if she pleased to accept of them It: all the rest of her goods of what kind soe oever she beqeuathed unto her sister Margrett Kerran whom she appointed her true and lawfull Executrix witnes prsent The execr sworne in forme of law Issabell Collester Alyes Callow pbatum et solvit 6d The Invent of ye said testatrix priced by 4 sworne men amounts to ................ 0£ - 16s - 00 The goods in ye execr custody & hath given pledge in forme of law Mat Kelly & Pat Smith

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