William Cubbon 1672

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Archdeacon Will 1672A #03 Arbory will of William Cubbon, webster / weaver, dated 10 November 1672: 
Summary: wife is not mentioned, son John (left the looms), son William, dau Ellin, dau Elizabeth (left 6d, ?married), 
witnesses: John Kewn & Sir Samuel Robinson & William Norris, pledges: John Kewn & William Norris
See: John Cubbon weaver was an appraisor of the goods of Joney Cubbon alias Taylor will 1685A #55 Arbory
1658 Liber Vastarum, Arbory: Margaret Quinney had a parcel of intack of 1d yearly rent, and she was dead & her sister & sole 
executor sold it to Thomas Norris registrar who sold the said 1d rent to William Cubbon who was entered to it in 1658
1675 Liber Assed, Arbory:  William Cubbon webster was entered for 2 parcels of intack of 1d & of 1d yearly rent

KK Arbory Novemr: 10th 1672 In the name of God Amen: Willm: Cubbon being sick in body but of perfect memory praise be God, doe make this will & testamt: in manner ffollowing, Impr: he committed his soule to God, & his body to Xtian burriall; It: he leavs to his daughter Ellin 12ve shillings to be paid by his son John for her part of ye house & ground; It: he leaves his son John and his said daughter Ellin joynt execs: of all ye rest, The loomes onely excepted wholly to John; It: he leaves to his son Willm: a sute of cloathes, and 2s money in ye hands of Willm Kneagle to be paid by him; It: he leaves to his daughter Elizab: 6d Leggacy; Itt: he leaves ye other 7s in William Kneagles hands to his son John & daughter Elline Itt: he leaves 24s in Thoms: Norris hands Faulconr to be paid to his son John Itt: he leaves to ye minister Mr Robinson 1s witnesses: John Keon X The execr: sworne in forme of law S Robinson, Wm Norris X jurati pbatum et solvit xijd The True Inventory of ye abovesd Willm: Cubbon taken and prizd by 4 sworne men viz: Willm: Kneagle & John Keewne & Willm: Norris & John Callen &c £ s d Impr: a cow, the deads part prizd to ................................ 00 - 10 - 00 Itt: a mare and a colt the deads part prizd to ...................... 00 - 05 - 00d Itt: a chest the Deads part prizd to ................................ 00 - 03 - 02d Itt: all ye vessells barrells crooks & crockans & other implements... 0 - 01 - 07 ob Itt: fledges ruggs canvasses yarn linnen & woollen & a p of cards ... 0 - 12 - 05d The goods in ye execr: custody & hath given pledges in forme of law Jo: Kewne Willm Norris

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