Richard Fargher 1672

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Archdeacon Will 1672A #05 Malew will of Richard Fargher of Moaney Moar, dated 14 January 1672/3: 
Summary: wife may be pregnant, sister Margaret [married to Thomas Quayle of Clycur, his will ArW 1669A #036 Malew, her will ArW 1695A #56 Malew], brother Thomas 
with children (who are executors), [brother in law] William Clucas & wife [Christian Fargher], brothers in Ireland, nephew Nicholas Quayle, nephew John Fargher, 
also: Nicholas Clark, Nicholas Brew, William Shimmin, Phinlo Quayle, Daniel Clark, Gilbert Karran, witnesses: Sir Thomas Parr & Thomas Clark & Thomas Caveen
Malew parish register:  Richard Ffargher, Moaneymore,  buried  22 January 1672
Malew parish register:  Richard Fargher married Isabel Qualtrough on 17 November 1668 in Malew Parish
will of mother: ArW 1663A #141 Malew will of Marriad Fargher alias Harrison, died 27 January 1663/4: husband xxxx Fargher is dead; dau Margaret Quayle alias 
Fargher [married Thomas Quayle of Clycur who died 1669, ArW 1669A #036 Malew, Margaret died 1695, ArW 1695A #56 Malew); dau & exec Jane Fargher (her father 
is dead), son Ewan Fargher (his father is dead); son & exec Richard Fargher; son & exec William Fargher; son Thomas Fargher (& his son John); dau Christian 
Fargher (married to William Clucas); dau in law Ann Fargher als xxxx; son in law William Clucas (?married to Christian Fargher); also: Sir Thomas Parr; poor 
woman Isabel Scarff; poor woman Catharine Sansbury, NOTE, that her children were not to let, sell or exchange anything without the consent of Thomas Fargher, 
Nicholas Harrison & Philip Brew for the next 5 years, also: Alice Stopford, Anthony Halsall
will of sister: ArW 1695A #56 Malew will of Margaret Quayle alias Fargher of Clycur, died 29 November 1695: husband [Thomas] Quayle [of Clycur] is not 
mentioned [died 1669, ArW 1669A #036 Malew]; son & heir John (has a dau Ellin, & Margaret), son Hugh Quayle, dau Joney, son Nicholas (has a son), son 
William (has 2 sons), witnesses & pledges: William Gick & John Quayle
Malew parish register: Margt: Quaile als Ffargher buried 30 November 1695  
   Will of brother in law: ArW 1669A #036 Malew will of Thomas Quayle of Clycur, Malew, died about 12 October 1669: wife [Margaret Fargher] is alive [died 1695, 
	 ArW 1695A #56], heir [John], children: son William, dau Joney, son Nicholas, & son Hugh, sister Ellin /Nelly Quayle, sister Mary Quayle, sister Catharine 
	 Quayle, brothers in law Thomas Clark [married Christian Quayle 1665 Malew] & Phinlo Duccan [married Alice Quayle January 1659/60 Malew] & John Kelly 
	 [married Margery Quayle 1659 Malew]; pledges: John Bridson, John Taggart, Thomas Fargher, Richard Fargher, John Bell, William Kelly

KK Malew January 14th 1672/3 The last will and testament of Richd: Ffargher who comitted his soule to God -----[torn] Christian buriall; It: to the poore a bowle of mault dj ferlett wheat and two s-----[torn] Item he bequeathed to his wife the Teame the Cropp of corne wth all geares & in-----[torn] & wthout belonginge to the farme or husbandry wth all vessells, and dead goods whatsoever -----[torn] Item he bequeathed to his brethren in Ireland 6d legacie apeece; Item he willed that if it -----[torn] his wife was wth child then that the sd child shalbe his executor and shall have all the -----[torn] or bequeathed to his wife, Item bequeathed to his sister Margrett foure yards of pladdin that -----[torn] & his pt of the russett that is in the walke milne and two sheepe and two lambes, Item bequea-----[torn] Tho: Parre a sheepe or mutton; Item bequeathed to Tho: Cotters wife his pt of what sheepe h-----[torn] Qualtrough in KK Lonnan; It: bequeathed to Wm Clucas & wife his pt of what sh-----[torn] Ffarghers in KK Marrowne, Item bequeathed to Nicho: Quaile halfe a peccle cow calfe -----[torn] boyes (his servants) his ould cloathes, It: to Nicho: Clarke a yerlinge that is wth his owne sheepe ---[torn] his shoes & stockins; It: acknowledged to be due to Nicho: Brew 3s; It: due to him from Jo: Ffarg---[torn] Wm: Shimmine 4s 1d, from Ffinlo Quaile 6d, It: due to Don: Clarke 6s, due to Gilbt Karran -----[torn] he owed to Sr Tho: Parre for tyth 8s and sd I thinke my wife will not denie to pay it -----[torn] and ordained the children of his brother Tho: joyntly his Executors if his wife prove-----[torn] Item willed that his wife give the corne for the funerall Testes Tho: Parre } Tho: Clarke } ad carerre Tho: Caveene}

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