Isabel Taylor alias Moore 1672

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Date: 8 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #06 Malew will of Isabel Taylor alias Moore, died 24 November 1672: 
Summary: husband xxxx Taylor is not mentioned, eldest son Thomas Taylor (his children John, William & Joney), 
2 other children; witnesses & pledges: Thomas Quackin & Thomas Bell
Malew parish register:  Issable Taylor als Moore buried  25 Nov 1672
will of mother: ArW 1642A #11 Malew will of Mary Bridson alias Moore alias Harrison, died 24 November 1642: 1st husband xxxx Moore, 2nd husband Thomas Bridson, 
dau Isabel Moore (married xxxx Taylor, their son Thomas Taylor), son John Bridson, witnesses: William Harrison & Thomas Bridson, pledge: Henry Taylor 
?relationship of Thomas Quackin of witness to testator:  ArW 1663A #137 Malew will of Catharine Quackin alias Taylor, died/dated 8 
January 1663/4:  husband Thomas Quackin died at same time (ArW 1663A #136 Malew), son Thomas; dau Margaret; dau Catharine; son Daniel 
exec; Roger Taylor entered a claim for 26s due debt against exec of Cath Quackin als Taylor witnesses: Thomas Parr & Thomas Bell  
?relationship of Thomas Bell of witness to testator:  ArW 1695A #53 Malew will of Thomas Bell of Crossage, per 1677 Articles of Marriage, dated 14 October 1677, 
accepted as a will of Thomas on 20 May 1696: wife is not mentioned, dau Ellin Bell married Thomas Taylor 4 November 1677, witnesses to Contract: Charles Moore & 
Thomas Radcliffe & Thomas Taylor (alive in May 1696) & Robert Lewney (alive in May 1696), pledges in 1696: Robert Shimmin & William Gelling

KK Malew The last will and Testament of Isable Taylor als Moore who comitted her soule to God and body to Christian ---[fold] Item she bequeathed to the poor a ferlett of corne after the discresion of her eldest son Tho: T-------[fold] She bequeathed 3s that was cominge from her sayd son to his own three children, viz John, Wm, and Joney ----[fold] She bequeathed to the foresaid son a coult that was between them. She also nominated that there was 2 old -----[fold] and left his choyce to the sayd Tho: and all the rest of her goods to her other 2 children whom -------[fold] ----h executors Tho: Quackin The execr sworne in forme of law Tho: Bell jurati pbatum et solvit xijd Inventorie of the goods of Isable Taylor alis Moore priced by swarn men viz Tho:Quackin Tho Be--[fold] Quaile and Daniell Quackin as followeth: £ s d imprimis 4 blankets 9s ----nveses 2 smookes and a pooke 3s 6d ......................... 00 - 12 - 06 ---- peticoat waiscoat and som woll 3s 6d 4 carchifts 2 hencarchifts 3s 6d ............ 00 - 07 - 00 ---- chest 1s dm a sheet and a bottom of yarne 2s old boords old churn and staff 6d ... 00 - 03 - 06 -----------leaned 1s dj 2 oxen 20s and old horse 10s ................................... 01 - 11 - 00 ------- ----- barrells a wheel and little wooden vessels 3s 2d a sheep & mutton 2s .... 00 - 05 - 02 ------ ------es of linseed 4d .......................................................... 00 - 00 - 04 The goods in ye execr custody & hath given pledges in forme of law Tho: Quackin & Tho: Bell

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