Catharine Quayle alias Mylrea 1672

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Date: 8 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #08 Malew will of Catharine Quayle alias Mylrea, died 3 January 1672/3, 
intestate, husband Thomas Quayle of Billown (his will ArW 1697#11 Malew): 
Summary: husband xxxx[Thomas] Quayle [of Billown (his will ArW 1697#11 Malew, he remarried to Ellin/Ellinor Caine alias Caveen, 
widow of Thomas Caine of Fildraw who died 1672], son John, son Thomas, ----[William?],  son Charles, dau Margery
Malew parish register: Catherin Quaile als Inyreah buried  3 Jan 1672/3
        dau: Malew parish register: dau of Thos. Quaile, Bellown, buried 24 Jan 1656/7
        dau: Malew parish register: Margery dau of Thomas Quayle & Catharine christened Nov 1657 in Malew, in mother Catharine's will 
        son: Malew parish register: John son of Thomas Quayle & Catharine Inyreah christened 26 April 1660, in mother Catharine's will
        dau: Malew parish register: Isabel dau of Thomas Quayle & Catharine Inyreah was christened 30 Dec 1662 in Malew
                dau: Malew parish register: Issable Quayle infant dau of Thos. Quayle of Bellowne, buried 13 Mar 1667/8
        son:Malew parish register:  Thomas son of Thomas Quayle & Catharine christened in 1665, in mother Catharine's will
        son:Malew parish register:  Nicholas son of Thomas Quayle & Catharine christened 13 November 1667
                son: Malew parish register: Nicholas Quaile infant son of Thomas Quaile buried 6 November 1669
        son:Malew parish register:  William son of Thomas Quayle & Catharine christened 8 January 1669/70
                son: Malew parish register: William Quaile son of Thos. Quaile, Belowne, buried 21 Jan 1676/7
        son:Malew parish register:  Charles son of Thomas Quayle & Catharine christened 1 January 1672/3, in mother Catharine's will
                son: Malew parish register: Charles Quaile son of Thos. Quaile, Billowne, buried 19 Mar 1673/4
husband: Thomas Quayle married Catharine Mylrea/Inyreah on 26 April 1654, Malew
husband: Malew parish register: Thomas Quaile, Billown, buried 11 Feb 1697/8
will of husband: ArW 1697A #11 Malew will of Thomas Quayle of Billown, died 11 February 1697/8: [1st wife Catharine Mylrea died 1672/3, ArW 1672A #08 Malew], 
2nd wife Ellinor [Caveen] (previously married to [Thomas] Caine [of Fildraw]), dau Margery Quayle in Ireland, dau [by 2nd wife] Ellinor Quayle (christened 24 
Feb 1674/5, she is not mentally competent), stepdau Jane Caine, stepdau Mary Caine, stepson Thomas Caine, eldest stepdau Ellinor Caine, stepdau Catharine xxxx 
alias Caine (eldest son Thomas [Did Catharine married Thomas Caine in 1688?]), grandson John Quayle who was the son of John Quayle of Ballatrollog, supervisors: 
Thomas Caine (stepson) & William Shimmin, witnesses: Margaret Quayle & Ann Watterson, pledges: Philip Cottiman & William Quackin NOTE that Thomas gave a colt 
to any person who took daughter Ellinor to a well in Ireland for a cure. NOTE: Son John Quayle and stepdaughter Ellin Caine appear to have married each other, 
which was not an uncommon occurrence.  
2nd wife of husband: Thomas Quayle married Ellin Caveen about 1673 Malew; Ellin married previously Thomas Caine in 1653
    Malew parish register: Thos: Caine  Fildraw buried 3 August 1672 Episcopal Will
2nd wife of husband:  Malew parish register:Ellin Quaile als Caveen buried  31 Dec 1699
will of son:  ArW 1694A #20 Malew will of John Quayle of Ballatrollag, died 16 February 1694/5: wife[Ellin Caine] is alive [remarried William Shimmin, 
she died December 1704, ArW 1740A #91 Malew], son & heir John, underage children: son Thomas, Elizabeth, Catharine, Charles, William, father is alive, 
witnesses: William Shimmin & Edward Shimmin & Mary Bridson, pledges: Nicholas Bridson & John Norris NOTE: John Quayle and stepsister Ellin Caine appear 
to have married each other, which was not an uncommon occurrence.  
?son: Malew parish register:  John Quaile buried 17 February 1694/5

KK Malew [dark]----torie of the goods of Kathrin Quaile alias McYlreah priced by swarn men viz Tho: Taylor Joh: [dark]---- Wm Shimmin and John Bell as followeth £ s d Item halfe 2 churnes and staff 10d, dj the keive and stoole 2s 6d dj 2 barrells 1s 9d .............. 00 - 05 - 01 Item dj 2 tubs 10d dm a bere barrell 1s 1 seck 1s dj a little chest 6d dj a loming kishan & panior.. 00 03 07 Item dj a barrow 2d dj the ridinge horse 26s dj an old horse 2s dm an other old horse3s ............ 01 - 00 - 08 Item dj and old maire 8s dj a coult 1s dj another old maire 3s dj a younge maire 5s ................ 00 - 17 - 00 Item a quarter of a calfe 1s a quarter of a cowe 2s 6d dj a cowe 8s dj an old cowe 9s .............. 01 - 00 - 06 Item dj 2 oxen 20s dj 4 cares 6d som flaxe unknocked 6d 2 straddles & 2 paire of creeles 4d ........ 01 - 01 - 04 Item jd the plow geares 5d 3 oxe yokes 5d the plowe draught 1s 6d .................................. 00 - 02 - 04 Item 1 paire of harrowes 2s teeth of iron 2s 6d dj a mangs spaid 6d dj an old spaid old turf spaid } --- grope and old gose hacke and a pike forke 7d dj a plowe beame 9d dj the little wooden vessels 6d} 04 - 10 Item dj a stone bottle and 2 mugs 3d dj a catr[?] and a little fork in3d dj an old griddle 2d dj a snuf whorne 3d ............................................................................................ 01 - 11 Item the bed stid and cloathes 2s 3d dj an hopper 2d .............................................. 00 - 02 - 05 pledges given in by ye husband Wm Quayle and Wm Norris due from the decedent to be deducted out of the Inventorie John: Shimin 10s, to Tho: Cennell 1£ 1s 6d, to Tho Shimin 30s, to Uxor Cotteen 6s 6d, to Wm Quaile --- to Kathrin Shurlock 3s 6d, to Ann Shurlock 3s, to Tho: Moore & Margrett Shimin 2s 6d to Katherine ----in 1s 3d ---- bee deducted the Lords rent & tith for 2 yeere & charges bringing the Infant --------- Quayle alias McYlreah depted this life Janry ye 13th 1672/3 Intestate ------- ye Church haveing Intelligence hath decreed her children, viz: John, Thomas -----, Charles, and Margery Quayle Adminrs: of all her goods movable and --------le whatsoever, the next of kinread on the mothers side supvisors, and a ------- to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventory ----- tamen vincuig Decretum est et solvit xijd suo jure

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