John Caine 1672

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Date: 13 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #31 Michael will of John Caine, died 13 December 1672: 
Summary: wife Margaret Brown is alive, only child John Caine underage, supervisors: brother Hugh Caine & brother Richard Caine; 
witnesses: Gilbert Karran & William Caine, pledges: Gilbert Karran & John Kaighin  
Michael parish register: Jon: Caine buried  14 Dec 1672
?son:  Michael parish register:  John son of John Caine  christened  19 Mar 1668/9 in Michael
brother: Michael parish register: Hugh Caine buried 3 December 1692
will of brother: ArW 1692A #71 Michael will of Hugh Caine, died 3 December 1692: wife [Marriad Christian] is not mentioned 
[died Feb 1676/7, ArW 1677A #024 Michael], son Patrick, dau Margaret, grandson Hugh Caine, also: Thomas Mylrea taught Patrick 
a trade, witnesses: xxxx Cottier & xxxam Caine, pledges: Patrick Cannell & Thomas Corlett
   will of sister in law: ArW 1677A #024 Michael will of Marriad Caine alias Christian, died 1 February 1676/7: husband Hugh Caine 
   is alive [died 1692, ArW 1692A #71 Michael], son Patrick, dau Margaret, witnesses & pledges: Adam Caine & William Teare
brother: Michael parish register: Rich: Cain buried  6 April 1677
will of brother: ArW 1677A #023 Michael will of Richard Caine, died 5 April 1677: son William Caine, 
other children, wife is not mentioned; witnesses: John Caine & John Cowley

Michael 1672 The last will and Testamt: of John Caine who depted this life ye 13th of Decembr:, first he bequeathed his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall. Item he left to ye poor dj firlet of meale and one mutton and ye rest at the discrecon of his executor. It: he left to his wiffe Margt: Browne one cowe for bringinge up and reareinge of his only child John Caine. Itm: he left to his sd wiffe and child beteen ym one oxe and dj a steare with 4 sheepe and 3 hogges with what corne theire is. Itm: he left yt 13s is due to him from Robt: Cannell and left yt to his wiffe and child likwise. Itm: he left his executors to pay 5s to Wm Quayle yt he is being of ye prize of ye pcell of lands wch he bought from him when ye sd Wm Quayle will enter his executors names in our honrable Lord his bookes for ye rent, of ye sd pcell and if in case ye sd Quayle doe not pforme with his sd Executors (then he left the sd Wm Quaile to pay to his Executors 25s wch he hath received of the prize of ye sd pcell; Itm: he left to his brother Hugh Caine his wearinge garment Itm: he left yt if any of his next akindred did cleame any right, in his goods cutt ym of with 6d legasie. Itm: he constituted and apoynted his wiffe Margt Browne and his child John Caine joynt executors of all ye rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable. The executrix is sworne in forme of law Testis Gilbt: Kerron juratus Wm Cayne juratus pbatum et solvit xijd The next of kindred one the father side vizt Ricd: & Hugh Caine are appoined supvisors & to be sworne by Sr Pat: Thompson The Inventory of ye above Testator John Caine taken by 4 sworne men namely Marke Christian Gilbt: Kerron, Robt Caine and Tho: Croughin being prized amounts after debts discharged to ye sume of ................... 1 - 8 - 0 The goods in the executrix custody, & hath given pledges in forme of law Gilbt: Kerran & Jo: Kaughin ffeb 20th 1672/3 Ro: Cannell enters against ye execr: for ye summ of 12s for 8 or 9 yeeres beinge the benifit of ye croft

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