Mally Cowley alias Corlett alias Killip 1672

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Date: 14 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #33 Ballaugh will of Mally Cowley alias Corlett alias Killip, died 1672,1st husband xxx[Thomas] Corlett, 2nd husband John Cowley: 
Summary:  [1st husband Thomas Corlett of Corvalley, his will ArW 1649A #33 Ballaugh], 2nd husband John Cowley, 
son Thomas Corlett (married [?Ellin Cowley] with 2 children), son John Corlett, stepson William Cowley. 
will of first husband: ArW 1649A #33 Ballaugh will of Thomas Corlett of Corvalley, Ballaugh, died 11 July 1649: wife is alive, eldest son John, son Thomas Corlett,
sister Bahie Corlett, also: supervisor Thomas Corlett Broughjiarg, witnesses: William Killip and William Boddaugh/Boyde  QUESTION: Is William Killip the father in 
law of Thomas Corlett, and died soon after Thomas died?
See: ArWills 1650 Court Proceedings, Averick Killip alias Stephen complained that her daughter Mally Killip and Mally's 2nd husband John Cowley were delaying her 
from receiving her widow's right; neither Mally nor John could produce a contract, etc, for them holding the land or houses belonging to Averick by her widow's 
right: June 1650: Mr Robt Calcott Attorney general of this Isle for & in the name & behalf of Avericke Stephan widow complayneth against Jo: Cowley & Mally Killip 
for the wrongfull deleyinge from her her widowright of half a quarter of ground, and half a plow, half a cropp of corne & houses and other goods as shee will make 
to apeare And pray etc, process   July 1650: The deffendts: have not appeared  An attachmt is awarded   July 1650: The deffendts: appeared  and for a sume as they 
produced noe evidence, proofe or contract for their houldine of the said lands from the Complt of her widowright therein  Therefore the Court doth order & decree 
her widowright of the said land & houses unto the Complt, to enioy the same during her widowhood, until the  Court finde just cause to proceede in, or give order 
to the contrary of  Ex[?] p me Rich: Tyldesley,  deput Clein Robt[?]   July 1650  Upon vew of the hand fastinge bargaine b---- the halfe plow and halfe crope of 
corne ------[torn] as well due to the plt ------- [torn] ordered this Cort dut-------[torn] -------[torn] of oxen, & halfe ------[torn] pvided shee put in sufficient 
securetie to the Church ffor the redeliverie of the said halfe stand of oxen and crop of corne by her Executrs after her death to --------[fold] to whom the same
[?] is or shalbe due by Lawe    ex of me Rich Tyldesley, Deput Cleric Rotub--[?]    John Leece and Wm: Killey of the parish of K Germaine have bound themselves 
accordinge to this order before written by the temperall court for the fourth comminge if the halfe plow & halfe corope of corne, abovesd to whome shall prove due 
after death as witnes there hands this 25th of Augt: 1650: John Leece his sign X,  Wm Killey  his sign X
will of mother: ArW 1653A #22 Ballaugh will of Averick Killip alias Steane/Stephen, died 13 April 1653: husband xxxx [Killip] is not mentioned, 
daughter Bahie, witness & pledge (?& son in law) John Cowley, witnesses Robert Parr & William Killip
?will of son: ArW 1684A #078 Ballaugh will of Thomas Corlett, died 7 April 1685: wife is alive, son & heir John, son William, son Thomas, dau Mally, dau Ann; 
mother dead & left money used to buy land, witnesses: Phinlo Quayle & Ann Corlett, pledges: Phinlo Quayle & Nicholas Craine

Ballaugh In the name of God Amen, I Mally Killip sicke in body but whole in minde & in parfitt memorie blessed be God doe make this my last will in manor as followeth first I committ my soule to God and my bodie to Christian buriall, Item to ye poore ffive shillings Itt: to Tho: Corlett hir son 10s, and to John hir son 5s. Itt: to hir son Tho: his wyffe soe much as would make him a petticoat of white pledinge, and one sheep betwixt both hir grandchilldren, Tho: his chilldren, Itt: to Wm Cowley hir stepson one sheep; Itt: to Christian Quayle one Blankett, to Joney Quayle one petticoat, Itt: shee nominatted constitude and appoynted hir husband Jo: Cowley hir true and lawfull execr: of all ye rest of hir goods moveable and unmoveable wtsoever Testes Wm Boddaugh his mrke Tho: Corlett his mrke jurati The execr: sworne in forme of law 14 day is given to bring in the Invent sub paena xs[10s]

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