Robert Kewney, 1659

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Date: 17 June 2004, updated 23 July 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1659A #61 Lezayre will of Robert Kewney, died in Ireland 29 July 1649, intestate:   
Summary: wife is alive, 2 children: son John (of age in 1663 when he received his legacies from Daniel Quayle) & sister Ann, sister Catharine Kewney 
(married to Daniel / Donold Quayle by 1659), also: Daniel Quayle entered a claim for 20s for land of 1d rent, Thomas Kinread & wife, William Kinread,  
Robert Kewney, Isabel Cottier, pledges: Thomas Garrett & Philip Kneale.   
Will of father:  ArW 1633A #099 Lezayre will of Phinlo Kewney, died 28 March 1634: wife is alive,  dau Catharine (unmarried), son Robert; witnesses: Edward 
Crowe minister & Henry/Harry Caley & David Kinread; pledge: Robert Kneen.  
Will of sister: ArW 1679A #42 Lezayre will of Catharine Quayle alias Kewney, dated 23 January 1679/80: husband Daniel Quayle, also: Ewan Kinread, Thomas 
Kinread, Joney Kinread, Thomas Garrett, Catharine Kneen, Margaret Mylecaraine, Jane Moore (her father is dead), Catharine Quayle, witnesses: Robert Kewn & 
Thomas Fayle. 
See mention of self & sister: ArW 1631A #055 Lezayre will of Margaret Kinread alias Quark, died 7 October 1630: husband Thomas Kinread is alive, no 
children are mentioned, father Edmund Quark, siblings brother Daniel/Donold & brother Phinlo & sister Isabel Quark, also Catharine Kewney & brother 
Robert Kewney, witnesses: Ewan Christian & Isabel Christian, probably recently married (she left everything to her father & siblings) & died in childbirth 
with first child.

Robt Kewney depted this life in Ireland ye 29th of July 1649 intestate wherof the Court having notice hath decreed his 2 children Jo: & Anne Kew= ney Administr, and ye Aunt Katherin Kewney supervisor who is sworne and ye wife also, a legasye to ye wife upon sight of ye Invent viz 1s. Salvo tamen vincuige Decretum est et Solvit 1s Suo jure 26 July 1660 Don: Quayle entereth his claime agst ye Administr of Robt Kewney for 20s sterl: for wch he hath a piece of land of 1d of rent in mortgage, Redeemeable on Candlemas day in everye yeare, Therefor he craveth ye Law A true Inventorie of all the goods of Ro: Kewney who dyed in Ireland the 29th of July 1649: Iprmis, 2 litill vessels price .................. 3s 4d Itm, dimi: banckett ............................. 18d Itm, two ptes of one steere ...................... 10s 8d Itm, one sooke[?tooke], and 1 maries spayed in the custodie of Thomas Kinred and his weife Itm, in the custodie of Wm Kinred one coulter Itm, due from Ro: Kewney 2 boules of oates, Itm, due from Isable Cottier, one gridiron Pledges for ye supervisor Tho: Carrett & Phill Kneele accordinge to Law. May 1th 1663 John Kewney the Administrator beinge at Lawful yeares hath received the sume of fifteen shillings & six pence wch he acknowledgeth paid to him by Donald Quaile & craves this to be entered for his acquittance of the sd -------[dark corner] Witness my hand Jo: Kewney X.

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