Margaret Crellin, 1659

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Date: 3 July 2004, updated 20 July 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1659A #44 Bride will of Margaret xxxx als Crellin, died before 17 June 1659:   
Summary: husband is alive, son Daniel/Donold, sister Mally Crellin is dead (ArW 1659A #11 German), Isabel Crellin, Bahie Crellin, Margaret Crellin, 
Margaret Christian, Annas/Agnes Christian, Annas Howland, Elizabeth Thompson, witnesses: Thomas Cowle, Randle Mylchreest, pledges: William Christian & 
Michael Kneale, also: John Howland entered a claim for 21s & William Howland entered a claim for 13s 10d.
Will of sister: ArW 1659A #11 German will of Mally Stevenson als Crellin, died 7 January 1658/9: husband William Stevenson is alive (his first wife was 
Alice Radcliffe [Episcopal will books 1627-1630 German]), brother Thomas Crellin, brother Robert Crellin (his son William), sister Margaret Crellin (left 
a calf cow & a heifer or dry cow, a horse & mare & a fledge & a blanket), goddau Mally Crellin, stepdaughter in law Jane Stevenson als Moore (married to 
stepson Robert Stevenson), godson xxxx Woods (the son of Thomas Woods & [Catharine] Stevenson who was the stepdau of the testator), stepdau [Catharine] 
Stevenson (wife of Thomas Woods), stepson Robert Stevenson, also: William Sayle & wife, William Quay & wife, William Cooper sumner, witnesses: (stepson 
in law) Thomas Woods & Joney Caine. 
See claimers John & William & legatee Ann Howland: ArW 1660A #36 Bride will of John Howland, died before 11 February 1659/60: wife is alive, son Daniel/
Donold, son Charles, dau Ann, brother Michael, brother William Howland, witnesses & pledges: Michael Kneale & Michael Christian.   
See claimer William: ArW 1660A #38 Bride will of Michael Howland, died before 16 May 1660: wife is not mentioned, son William, son & executor Daniel/
Donold, witnesses: John Harrison & William Christian parish clerk, pledges: Ewan Christian & William Howland, also: Patrick Cowle & the executors of 
William Fayle[?] entered a claim.
?See legatees Isabel & Margaret & Ellin Crellin: ArW 1661A #117 German will of Catharine Crellin alias Crellin, died 20 July 1663, intestate: husband 
xxxx Crellin is alive, 6 children dau Margaret, dau Bahie, son Patrick, son Philip, dau Ann & dau Isabel Crellin; sister? Bahie Crellin is next of kin 
on ma's side & supervisor; pledges: John Cross & Richard Crellin.

KK Bryde 1659 In the name of God, amen. The last will & testament of Mrgret Crellin. First she comitted her soule to God & her bodie to Chris tian burial. Itt, she left to her husband halfe of the legasie that was left unto her by the death of her sister Malye. Itt, she left to the poore eight potley of maulte & the rest at the discretion of her executor. Itt she left to Isable Crelline one aprone & one kerchief Itt, she left to Margret Christian one mufler. Itt, she left to Anas Howlaine one kerchief. Itt, she left to Elizabeth Thompsone one aprone. Itt, she left to Bahee Crelline one aprone. Itt, she left to Margret Crelline one mufler. Itt, she left to Eline Crellin one smocke. Itt, she left to Anas Christian one kerchief. Itt, she constituted & ordained her sone Donold her true and lawfull executor of all the rest of her goods movable & unmovable 17 June 1659 Testes Thomas Cowle.......} The exec sworne Rainold Macilchrist} jurati Probt et soltiv 1s A true & perfect Inventorie of the goods of the sd testatrix as followeth: Imprimis, the 3d part of 3 oxen ........... 2£ - 6s 8d Itt, the 3d part of a calfe ............... 0 - 2 - 0 Itt, the 3d part of halfe a cowe } Itt, the 3d part of halfe a calfe} ........ 0 - 3 - 4 Itt, hearinge nets, 4 yeards of linen .... 0 - 8 - 0 Itt, half fledge, half blanket ............ 0 - 5 - 0 Itt, half course sheet, one sacke ......... 0 - 2 - 5 Itt, half fledge, demi [half] 3 blankets .. 0 - 5 - 0 Itt, half feather bed ..................... 0 - 5 - 0 The exec at age. Pledges Wm Christian & Michael Kneale, secunda forman legis. 14th May 1660: --- Patr Cowle & ye exec of Wm Joughen entereth their claime agst ye exec of Margt --- Crellin for 9s sterl: and craveth ye Law. [next page] 15th 8bris 1659 Jo: Howlaine entereth his claime against ye exec of Margrett Crellin for ye sum of xxjs[21s] sterl: and craveth ye Law. Wm Howlaine entereth his claime against ye sd exec for 13s 10d, and craveth ye Law

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