Patrick Kelly 1659

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Archdeacon Will 1659A #15 German will of Patrick Kelly, dated 14 May 1659:  
Summary: wife [Joney Clague] is pregnant, eldest son Philip, son James, dau Ann, son Oates underage, son Henry underage, unborn child, witnesses: Philip 
Kelly & William Kennaugh, pledges: Philip Kelly & Philip Kennaugh.
Self & wife per 1637: 1666 Liber Canc 1666 #27: dated 4 November 1637 (copy in Liber Scac): Joney Clague alias Kelly & husband Patrick Kelly of German sold 
for 33s to Edmund Cross & Silvester Cross of German one hald of a meadow (2 daymoth of hay of 5d rent), witnesses: Robert Moore & Robert Craine & James 
Self & wife & son: 1664 Liber Vastarum, German: Patrick Kelly & wife Joney Clague had various parcels of intack belonging to Ballaterson treen, of 9d rent 
& 16d rent & 5d rent & 13d rent & 4d rent, and they were both dead now so that their son Philip Kelly was entered in 1664 as right heir for the land & was 
in possession of the same.
?Will of son: ArW 1665A #058 German will of Oates Kelly, died 13 October 1665: wife is alive, no children were mentioned, mother is alive & his executrix, 
brother James, other brothers, witnesses: Philip Kennaugh & Thomas Corrin.

May the 14th 1659 In the name of God Amen. I Patricke Kelly though sick in Body yett whole in minde doe make my last will and testament as ffolloweth: Impris I comitt my soule to God and my Body to Christian Buriall. Item to the poor a ferlett of mault halfe a ferlett of oat meale and two sheepe to be distributed at the usuall time. Item to my eldest sonn Phillip Kelly all plow geares and cares or what soever nessesaries belongs to the tilling or workinge of the farme and halfe an oxe and a pott and a girdell: pro= vided that he doe not strive with his mother for the pott while shee lives, all these I leave him in legacie. Item to my sonn James Kelly two sheepe in Legacie. Item, to my wife in Legacie halfe an oxe. Item I leave on my eldest sonn to give my daughter Ann Kelly a ferlett of Barley. Item to my sonn Phillip Kelly halfe the crope of corne one the Crowne; Lastly I constitute my sixe childer joyntly executors off all the rest of my goods videlisett Phillip Kelly James Kelly, Ann Kelly, Oates Kelly, Henry Kelly; the other is as yett unborne. Moreover my wife hath given consent yt whether she marye or noe yt she shall give my eldest sonn hir halfe of the corne at hir departure out of the farme either with life or by death he giving a ferlett of Barly to his sister out of hir part The goods prsed by foure sworne men likewise of the corne as I have left and the Sumr the whole summ one him to doe out of minde. of the Inventorie comes to sixe pounds eight shillings Wittnesses hearof Phillip Kelly P } The names of the praysers William Keinough W} iurat James Kelly John Martin 28 July 1659 Will: Keniough The Court hath ordained the children Will: Cowper at age viz Phill, James, & Ann Kelly Supvisors of ye children The goods of ye three children under yeares the sd Phill & ye at age in their own mother are sworne, & ye rest to be custodye and the goods sworne by ye Sumnr who is to certi= of Hen: & Oates under yeares in fye the pformance therof wthin [edge]----ds of Phill the eldest son; 6 dayes the goods of ye child unborn in the mothers custodye Probat et Solvit ijd Pledges Phill Kelly & Phill Kenagh secunda forman legis. [previous page] 18 May 1660 Wm: Norris entereth his claime agst ye exec of Patr: Kelly for 1 lambe & 20d in money & craveth ye Law [next page] 9 ffebr 1659 Ellin Kinley entereth her clame agst ye exec of Patr Kelly for 5s 6d and craveth ye benefitt of ye benefit of ye Law.

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