William Cannell 1659

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Archdeacon Will 1659A #26 Michael will of William Cannell, died 20 September 1659: 
Summary: wife Ann Kneen [died 30 Sept 1659, ArW 1659A #27 Michael], dau Catharine (married to James Corris), dau Jane, son Hugh Cannell, son John Cannell; 
grandson James Corris, grandson Daniel/Dollin Corris, grandson William Corris, also: John Corlett & Adam Corlett, son in law James Corris was owed 18d, 
witnesses: Adam Corlett & Charles Cannell; pledges: Daniel/Dollin Corlett & Charles Corlett.
Will of wife: ArW 1659A #27 Michael will of Ann Cannell als Kneen, died 30 Sep 1659: husband William Cannell [died 20 Sept 1659, ArW 1659A #26 Michael], dau 
Catharine Cannell, dau Jane, son Hugh, son John, also: Daniel/Dollin Corlett, William Corlett, witnesses: Adam Corlett & Gilbert Corlett & Charles Cannell.
Dau: Ballaugh parish register:  Kathrin Cannell buried 10 Dec 1667.
Will of dau: ArW 1667A #31 Ballaugh will of Catharine Corris alias Cannell, died 11 December 1667: husband [James] Corris is alive, son James & son William 
(both at age), Daniel/Dollin and John and Ellin (underage); sister in law Joney Corris, niece Catharine Cannell, witnesses: Hugh Cannell & Gilbert Cannell; 
pledges: Thomas Cowley & Thomas Kinread.
Grandson: ArWills Ballaugh Parish: Christnings and buriall in the pish of Ballaugh in anno 1654: Christnings ... Dollin Corris son of James bapt the 26th of 
Sept anno prdicto.
Will of grandson: ArW 1687A #72 Ballaugh will of Daniel/Dollin Corris, dated 16 February 1687/8: wife Mally Corlett, a child, brother James Corris, brother 
William Corris, also: Philip Corlett Broughjiarg; witnesses: William Gell & William Callow, pledges: Daniel Mylrea & Robert Lewney & later --- Quayle & 
Patrick Craine.    
Testator & wife & son &c: ArW 1653A #18 Michael will of Nicholas Thwaites/Twatch, died 13 January 1653/4: wife is alive, brother Philip Thwaites (has wife & 
son), nephew ('sister's son') Nicholas xxxx, Adam Corlett (has wife & children), Daniel/Dollin Corlett (has a wife [Mally/Mary Kelly, who died 2 Feb 1653/4, 
ArW 1653A #19 Michael]), Ann Kneen & husband William Cannell & their son Hugh Cannell, witnesses: Paul Quayle & Alice Mylrea.

Kirke Michaell 1659 The last will and Testament of William Cannell who depted this life about ye xxth[20th] of September 1659 first hee committed his soule to god and his body to Christian burial; Itt: hee left to his daughter Katherin Cannell 1 sheepe & 1 lambe; It: to his daughter Jane Cannell 1 cheist and 1 blankett; It: to James & Dollin and William Corris 1 jerkin 1 coat and one payer of briches made in ye house; It: to John and Katherin Cannell six pence a peece; It: to John Corlett 1 mutton; It: to Adam Corlett ye roofe of ye houses; It: hee constituted and ordayned his sonne Hugh Cannell executor of all ye rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever. ---[in fold] 8ber 1659 Testes The execr sworne. Adam Corlett and } Charles Cannell ..} iurati. There is due to James Corris from ye decedent eighteene pence, confesed before ye witnesses Probat et Solvit 6d Invent of Wm Cannell & Ann Kneen his wife as followeth beinge priced by 4 sworne men Amounts to ye just Summ of 2£ 18s 8d The execr at age Pledges Dollin Curlett & Charles Curlett Secundum forman legis. [next page] 14 8bris 1659 James Corris entereth his clame agst ye execr of Wm Cannell for 2s 6d and craveth ye Law 3 August 1666 Mary Ylrea als Watterson entereth hir clame agst ye execr of Wm Cannell, & Ann Kneen for 1 chist, & 6s in money & craveth ye Law

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