Catharine Quirk alias Watterson 1660

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Date: 24 July 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1660A #10 German will of Catharine Quirk alias Watterson, dated 12 June 1660:
Summary: husband Hugh Quirk is alive & remarried [his will ArW 1675A #140 German], no children mentioned, mother Catherin Watterson alias Colvin [her will 
ArW 1669A #044 German], sister in law Isabel Quirk; sister Alice Waterson, brother Thomas Waterson, brother John Waterson, Radcliffe Taubman, William 
Crellin, John Gell of Airy, witnesses: Robert Kewley & Mary Caine, pledges: William Caine & John Gell.
Husband: German parish register: Hugh Quirke buried 13 August 1675.
Will of husband: ArW 1675A #140 German will of Hugh Quirk, died 13 August 1675: 1st wife Catharine Watterson (ArW 1660A #10 German, no children), 2nd wife 
is alive, children; also he owed money to: brother in law Gilbert Gell [1st wife Isabel Quirk, 2nd wife xxxx], & also Christopher Cotch, Radcliffe Taubman, 
Robert Stevenson, Philip Clucas, William Clague, John Waterson; witnesses: Philip Clucas (pledge) & Ann Cottier.
Mother: German parish register: Cathren Colbin buried  22 February 1669/70.
Will of mother: ArW 1669A #044 German will of Catharine Watterson alias Colvin, died 22 February 1669/70: husband xxxx [Watterson] is dead, son Thomas, son 
John, dau Alice (married to Thomas Crellin), witnesses: John Woods & John Crellin, pledges: Hugh Shimmin & John Leece.  
Will of sister in law: ArW 1683A #49 German will of Isabel Gell alias Quirk, died 15 February 1683/4: husband Gilbert Gell (his will ArW 1684A #070 German), 
godson & ?nephew John Quirk, children of brother [Hugh Quirk]: Joney (of age) & Grace & William, also: John Gell, dau Joney Gell, William Gell, Daniel 
Corlett, Ellin/Nelly Corras/Corris, also: Captain Robert Stevenson, James Stevenson, Ellin/Nelly Stevenson, Joney Kaighin.  
Will of husband of sister in law: ArW 1684A #070 German will of Gilbert Gell, died 5 March 1684/5: 1st wife [Isabel] Quirk (sister of [deceased] Hugh Quirk), 
2nd wife, son Henry Gell, dau Joney Gell, witnesses: Captain Robert Stevenson & Philip Kneale; also: James Stevenson, Robert Stevenson junior, Matthew 
Stevenson, Henry Kneale.

German June 12th 1660 In nomine die amen; The last will and testament of Katherin Waterson alias Quirke who died in pfect memory praysed be God for ye same, Inprmis shee committed her Soule to God & her body to Christian burial Item shee bequeathed to her sister in law Isable Quirk foure shillings, It: to her sister Alice Waterson two shillings & her best pettycotte & wasscott with her best suttee off linnins, It: shee left to Henery Clucas two shillings six pence; It: Shee left to Ratliffe Tubman two shillings ten pence, Item to Will: Crellin 1s 2d; Item shee left to Jo: Gell of Ary one shilling; Item: shee left to Isable Quirke a blew pettycotte, Item shee left to her mother Katherin Colbin a new gray petticotte, It: to her brother Thomas Waterson 1 sheep; Item shee left to her brother John Waterson 1 sheep; Item shee left her husband Hugh Quirke her true & lawfull executor off all ye rest off her goods moveable & unmovable 3 August 1660 the exec sworne Testes Robert Kewley his mke X} Mary Cayne hir mke X } iurat Probat et Solvit 1s A pfect Inventory off ye goods off Katherin Waterson praised by these 4 sworne men viz: Willm: Quirke John Corlett Willm: Cayne & James Cayne Amounts in ye whole to ..... 1£ - 7s - 0d Pledges accordinge to Law Wm Caine & Jo: Gell [next page] 12 August 1660 Wm: Waterson entereth his clame agst ye exec of Kather in Waterson for half a firl: barly & half a firl: mault a griddle, a forme, a barrell & a tubb and sevrall other things for wch he craveth tryall accordinge to Law

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