Joney Leck / Lake / Lock alias Leonard 1660

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Date: 28 July 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1660A #21 Michael will of Joney Leck / Lake alias Leonard , died 8 March 1659/60:
Summary: husband xxxx Leck/Lake is not mentioned, son Thomas Leck/Lake (of age), witnesses: Patrick Cannell curate/minister of Michael & Ellin Radcliffe 
alias Cannell, pledge: John Cannon sumner.
?Malew parish register: Thomas Lock buried 21 July 1675.
See also: ArW 1681A #46 German will of Margaret Shimmin alias Lake/Leck, signed 21 November 1681: husband Thomas Shimmin, son Thomas (died before June 1685),
dau (died before brother Thomas),  nieces Alice & Ellin Mylevorrey, nephew William Mylevorrey, sister Ann Lake, sister Grace Mylevorrey alias Lake (married 
to William Mylevorrey), brothers Henry Lake & John Lake/Leck.
See: ArW 1655A #18 German will of Thomas Leck/Lake, died 6 January 1652/3, intestate: wife is alive, 5 children: dau Grace (of age), dau Ann (of age), dau 
Margaret, son John, and son Henry.
See: ArW 1689A #099 German will of Grace Mylevorrey alias Lake/Leck, died 4 November 1689: husband William Mylevorrey (died 7 November 1689, his will ArW 
1689A #100 German), son Alexander/Sandy, dau Alice & Ellin, witnesses: Henry Quay & Henry Mylevorrey.
See: ArW 1633A #45 German will of Isabel Kinread alias Leck alias McNameer, dated 13 April 1634: 2nd husband xxxx Kinread, son Robert Leck, son Thomas Leck, 
son John Kinread, daughter Margret xxxx[?Leck], dau Isabel xxxx[?Leck], granddau Bessy Kinread, granddau Grace Leck, witness: Thomas Leck.

Michael 1660 The last will and Testament of Joney Leonard who depted this life the eight day of March 1659 ffirst shee bequeathed her soule to God and her bodye to Christian buriall; It: shee left all her goods moveable and unmoveable to her sonn Thomas Lecke and constituted him executor 2 August 1660 Testes The exec sworne jurat Patrick Cannell minister Probatu est Ellin Ratcliffe als Cannell The Inventorie of ye deceadant Amounts to ye sum of 2s 6d Pledges Jo: Cannon Sumnr accordinge to law

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