Ann Cottiam / Cottingham alias Corkill alias Kerruish 1661

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Date: 9 August 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1661A #009 Lonan will of Ann Cottiam / Cottingham alias Corkill alias Kerruish, dated September 1661:
Summary: 1st husband xxxx Corkill, 2nd husband Daniel Cottiam/Cottingham is alive, dau Joney Cottiam, dau Isabel, son Patrick Corkill, grandson William 
Callow, witnesses & pledges: William Woods & William Callow.
?Dau:  Maughold parish register: Isabel Cotteam als Callow buried 28 March 1676.   NOTE, scribe generally used Manx custom in recording a married woman's 
Will of sister: ArW 1658A #96 Lezayre will of Christian Callow alias Kerruish, dated 28 March 1658:  husband Duncan Callow is alive, dau Ann, dau Mary, dau 
Ellin, son Duncan, son Ewan, son Daniel in Ireland, granddau Margaret Corkill, also: [niece] Christian Callow, witnesses: Isabel Corkill & Catharine Costeen, 
pledges: Robert Keruish and Philip Cowle;   
Will of sister: ArW 1630A #65 Maughold will of Catharine Callow alias Kerruish, died 26 April 1630: husband xxxx Callow is not mentioned (Catharine Kerruish 
was his 2nd wife), son Thomas Callow, dau Christian Callow, stepson ('son in law', that is, son through the law because Catharine married William's father) 
William Callow, sister Christian Kerruish, sister Annas Kerruish, also [nephew?] Ewan Callow & [?nephew] Patrick Corkill, Daniel/Donold Christian, witnesses: 
William Callow & Daniel Cottingham, stepson William Callow is to pay to son Thomas Callow 3 firletts barley, etc.

KK Lonan 22 The last will and testament of Ann Kereush she comenatt her soale to God and her body to a Christian buryall It: to her daughter Jony Cottiam a new coate a new wastecoat for legecy It: to her daughter Issabell a new wastecoate a new burn and a carghei for legecy It: to her son Patricke Corkill six pence legecy It: to her grandchild William Calow a sute of ----se and he satisfing his grandfather for the same ---uig that he would look to his gran father in his old age. To her husban Doniell Cottiamshe left to be her tru and lawfull exsecetor of all her goods movable and unmvable the executor sworne in Court the sum of all her goods is 10 shillings Salvo tamen vincuig pbatu est et Solvit 6d Suo jure Wittness William Woods 1661 September William Calow jurati Pledges secunda forman legis Will Woods Will Calow

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